Wives Who Stray: How Far Should I Go? by C.K. Ralston (.MOBI)

Wives Who Stray: How Far Should I Go? by C.K. Ralston (.MOBI)

Wives Who Stray: How Far Should I Go? by C.K. Ralston
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Overview: Trudy Reed and her husband Niles are young, beautiful people living in California’s state capitol who work hard and truly love each other. They spend a lot of time apart because of their jobs: Trudy is a real estate broker who sells, as she puts it, a “lot” of houses. And Niles is a very successful, wealthy lobbyist.

But the sex between them, when they are at home together in the evening, is always terrific. Niles has one tiny fetish, which Trudy has always pointedly ignored. He fantasizes about his gorgeous young wife being pursued by a fellow worker or one of her many clients and ultimately giving in to his advances.

Then, in the fantasy, she hurries right home and tells Niles every detail of what happened with the other man as the two of them make passionate love together.

Enter Jake Watts, a hotter-than-hot young hunk from the wrong side of the tracks who has just passed his real estate exam and has gone to work in Trudy’s office. He is everything Niles fantasy embodies, and it turns out that he is very attracted to Trudy, and not a bit shy about showing it!

Almost before she knows it, Trudy is captivated by the young man’s great looks and sexy manner and finds herself right on the brink of making her husband’s fantasy into a reality. Will she?

If she does, will Jake be enough, or will Trudy stray more than once? And if she does go through with letting Jake seduce her, what about Niles; will he enjoy the reality of a cheating wife as much as he has always gotten off on imagining his wife in the arms of another man?
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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