Wings, Wands and Soul Bonds Series by Terry Bolryder (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Wings, Wands and Soul Bonds Series by Terry Bolryder (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Wings, Wands and Soul Bonds Series by Terry Bolryder (1-4)
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Overview:Terry is the author of over forty bestselling shifter romances. She spends her spare time dreaming of dragons, playing with her pets, and watching sunsets from her home in the mountains alongside her husband (who she suspects would make a great bear shifter).
Genre: Romance


1. Found By Frost – Boreas Everfrost, now known as “Brett” in the human world, has finally found his soul bond. The only problem? She has no clue he’s a powerful fae ice prince from another world. Nor does she know that she’s really a fae princess, with gifts and strength far beyond what she comprehends. Which is why Brett will stop at nothing to protect the independent, secretive woman upstairs from the forces of chaos that seek to capture her before her true power awakens.
Avery Williams doesn’t know why she was born with incredible physical strength. But that won’t stop her from using it to protect those who can’t protect themselves in an ever-worsening world. But when four beautiful, mysterious men move into the apartment downstairs, Avery starts to feel something for one of them that she’s never felt before. Attraction. Desire. Need. Too bad it’s the stubborn one with ice-blue eyes that seems obsessed with her from the start.
Even though Brett comes across as proud or imperious, Avery quickly finds out that he’s the kind of man that would defend her to his last breath and do the dishes without asking. And for all of his bravado, he’s sweet and deeply empathetic. But a powerful figure is watching from the shadows, getting closer with every breath, and even a powerful ice prince might not be able to stop him.

2. Defended by Darkness – He’s tall, dark and handsome…and a fae commander of darkness, undercover as the new boss.
When Eva shared the hottest kiss of her life with a gorgeous stranger who listened to her work woes, she never expected him to turn up the next day at her company, hired as the new CEO. Tanner is confident, sexy and mysterious, calling to her heart and body even as she tries to stay professional. But deep down inside her, she knows he may just be the key to a mystery she has never been able to solve…that is if they both don’t get fired first.
Fae prince Tanner, formerly the commander of darkness, doesn’t see why he shouldn’t have fun interludes in the printer room with his soul match, even if she is the head of HR. After all, he doesn’t really care about the company, he’s just there to protect Eva while helping to awaken her to her powers and her bond. Then he figures they’ll go back to his kingdom. Too bad Eva might not feel the same way.
As sparks ignite in the darkness, Tanner and Eva find passion beyond anything they could have imagined. But their plans for the future don’t line up, and with the darkness coming for them, they’ll need to be united…or lose their lives and their newly-found love.

3. Held by Heat – When a fire prince falls for a woman he can’t have, the whole world may just go up in flames…
Flynn, a notorious fire fae who always has some hungry princess on his tail, doesn’t think love exists. At least, not for him. But when a chance encounter with an intrepid woman who asks him the unthinkable turns into the most unexpected night of his life, the warrior prince realizes he may have just found his match.
Callie has always been a good judge of character. So when she asks sexy, surly, overprotective Flynn to do the one thing she’s never had the courage to do before—and he says yes—Callie can feel a magnetic pull between them that defies logic or even common sense. But even if she knows there’s something different about Flynn, he’s not the only one hiding secrets in the dark.
Callie may be the only person Flynn has ever wanted in his life, but the secret of her true nature may mean that he has no right to ever be with her. And while Flynn has to fight a lifetime of prejudice, Callie knows they’re meant to be together. Even if it means going up against the most powerful opposition the fae princes have ever encountered before.

4. Loved by Light – A down on her luck human gets the break of a lifetime when a light fae comes to the rescue…
In spite of his hopes for making the world a better place, things haven’t been the same for Ian since his fateful trip to the light kingdom. As a fae prince with unimaginable power, the knowledge that everything he thought was true is a lie is wearing him down. But when a mission to protect a new beacon puts him face to face with perhaps the unluckiest woman alive, it gives him something else to think about other than his impending doom.
Liz Miller is just trying to make it past her most recent string of unfortunate events that have landed her with nothing but her rundown car and eight dollars to her name. And when things look like they can’t get any worse, a tall, brooding, angelic man shows up to save her in the nick of time. But Ian is mysterious as he is beautiful, and even as he offers to help her, Liz knows he’s keeping secrets.
Being with Liz is making Ian rethink all his plans. And between fun days and unforgettable nights, he starts to think that maybe his future could hold something other than darkness. Meanwhile, the closer they get, the more Liz can sense something is wrong with the man she is coming to love. If she and the others don’t do something quick, the most powerful fae in the world just might be the end of them all.

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4. Loved by Light


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