Wild West Frontier Brides Series by Cindy Caldwell (.ePUB)

Wild West Frontier Brides Series by Cindy Caldwell (.ePUB)

Wild West Frontier Brides Series by Cindy Caldwell (#5~8)
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Overview: 1880s Tombstone continues to grow. Read the entire Wild West Frontier Brides saga, a new historical romance series from Cindy Caldwell.
Genre: Romance


5. Saffron: Saffron Archer spends most of her days baking, reading and helping her family at Archer Ranch in Tombstone. During a rare trip into town one day, she’s taken by a new arrival and his family. Especially his mysterious sister, Carol, who rarely leaves the house and is not allowed to have visitors.
Tombstone’s new farrier, Adam Benson, could use some help, but doesn’t want Saffron—or anyone else—meddling, even as he grows fond of her. He’s overly protective of Carol and has come to Tombstone for a fresh start for his family and aims to get it, even if Saffron gets in his way.
Adam’s sister, Carol, has plans of her own, though, and is just as stubborn as he is. Can Saffron break through to Adam and help Carol realize her dreams? If she does, it just might cost her Adam.

6. Carol:Carol Benson, a new and favorite member of the Archer clan, has learned that even if she can’t walk, she still can be part of the world of Tombstone in the 1880s. The tragic accident that left her paralyzed has also taught her how much joy there is in the world and spurs her to be a part of it.
Will Stanton has learned the the hard way that things go much better if he just keeps to himself. When he meets Carol at her brother’s wedding, he’s drawn to her, wondering what life might be like from a chair with wheels. Does he dare try to make life simpler for the beautiful young woman whose smile for everyone she meets has enchanted him?
Just when he’s convinced himself to try, his intent is shattered by the appearance of Carol’s suitor from before her tragedy. Will he face his fears and tell Carol how he really feels, or take the familiar path of solitude and lose her forever?

7. The Blacksmith’s Mail Order Bride: Olivia Blanchard is left homeless and destitute when a sudden fire at her ranch takes everything. Joe Stanton, the town blacksmith, has been under increasing pressure to marry the woman his overbearing mother and aunt have chosen for him. He’d rather find his own wife, and decides that a mail-order bride sounds like a better option.
When he sees beautiful Olivia, covered in dirt and soot, and understands her situation, marriage seems like the perfect solution for both of them. His mother however, does not agree, and Olivia can’t seem to please her, no matter how hard she tries. Can they find a way to make things work?

8. Christmas at Archer Ranch: Join in the celebration with your Tombstone family and friends in Christmas at Archer Ranch.
The Archer family’s housekeeper, Maria, has preparations for the family’s Christmas celebration well in hand, but they are interrupted when Beau Archer asks Tripp and Hank to go back on the trail to escort burros that are urgently needed in the mine. Sadie will become a mother any day, and the Archer family swoops in to care for her while the men are away.
When a problem on the trail causes their return to be delayed and Sadie and Tripp’s baby presses to make an appearance, it looks like Christmas at Archer Ranch might not go as planned. But when the men return with a ghost from Maria’s past, they all must give in to the magic of Christmas.

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