Wife Reclaimed: Complete Series Boxed Set by Tinto Selvaggio (.ePUB)+

Wife Reclaimed: Complete Series Boxed Set by Tinto Selvaggio (.ePUB)+

My Wife Reclaimed – Complete Series Boxed Set: Submissive Hotwife & Cuckold Husband Bundle by Tinto Selvaggio
Requirements: ePUB / AZW3 Reader / 1.2 MB
Overview: Special Discount Price 6 Book Complete Series “My Wife Reclaimed” Cuckolding & Bi training Adventure. Boxed Set bundle (160k+ words total) – Written from the Husband’s point of view.
Genre: Erotic / MM / FF


My Wife Reclaimed 1
What happens when a husband tries to push his wife back into the arms and bed of a dominant alpha male, an ex she was once obsessed with?
Submissive husband and cuckold wanna-be Ben longs to feel the exquisite humiliation of being cuckolded by his sexy young wife. But years of frustrated attempts to turn her into a hotwife have brought him close to abandoning his cuckolding dreams.
Although happy to ‘virtually’ indulge Ben’s sexual fantasies by role-playing with her husband in the privacy of their bedroom, his wife Emily has always refused to consider making these fantasies real.
She’s a loyal wife who shows no interest in any of their male friends and she isn’t the kind of woman to indulge in a one night stand or affair with a stranger.
So when a wealthy, older ex of hers appears back on the scene and makes a play for the young wife, Ben senses an opportunity.
But the frustrated cuckold wanna-be soon learns his wife was once obsessed with this dominant alpha male and left ‘devastated’ by her original breakup from him.
Will Ben really be desperate enough to try to persuade his wife back into the arms and bed of a controlling, possessive former lover? Would he humiliate himself before this potential bull and risk his relationship and marriage; even when he discovers the imposing alpha male is a bisexual with a strong liking for domination?

My Wife Reclaimed 2
Ben knows he had a lucky escape re-introducing his wife to her older ex, Connor.
But having experienced the heady, submissive thrill of being cuckolded once by his hotwife, Ben struggles to contain his obsession for more.

My Wife Reclaimed 3
Ben learns that his wife’s affair may be deepening into something more than simply sex. Surely the time has come to end it? Especially when Ben hears that dominant Connor is becoming increasingly jealous of the time the young hot wife spends with her own husband.
If only it were that simple.

My Wife Reclaimed 4
Emily proves she’s prepared to hurt her husband to get what she wants. Even if that means Ben being exposed as a cuckold. And when Ben finds out his wife’s true feelings for her ex, it leads to some uncomfortable, dark discoveries about himself.

My Wife Reclaimed 5
Ben’s wife refuses to give up her passionate affair with her ex and Ben himself is subjected to chastity, humiliation and even bullying by alpha male Connor.

My Wife Reclaimed 6
With his wife openly in love with Connor, it will take everything in Ben’s power to hold on to his dignity. And his marriage.
But what outcome does this submissive cuckold husband truly want?

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