Where the Action Happens by Veronica Violet (.ePUB)+

Where the Action Happens by Veronica Violet (.ePUB)+

Where the Action Happens (Age Difference, Cheating and Betrayal, Discipline) by Veronica Violet
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Genre: Fiction>erotic


A Night with Him
Jessica wants to this summer job… but will the price be too high?
Ready to start her life and step out of safety of her high school’s walls, Jessica wants to grow and learn. Her dream is to become a mature, strong woman.
When her parents set her up with a summer job, she finds herself alone in her uncle’s home. She gets to explore his house, all alone.
But what does she find before he leaves? Will she engage in his secrets, or hide from them?
Hot Body Relaxation
Jessica is fed up with him.
At first her man helped bring her into a world of lucrative success, but now he is pushy, edgy, and ultimately not worth her time anymore.
She’s found a new source of stress relief, at a place where she realy is the star, unlike the lies her man used to tel her.
Men these days are just full of deciet and disappointment anyways; all Jessica wants is someone she can have something more with.
Wedding of Lies
Tina Friend, formerly Tina Ann, is having the ceremony of her life. She has been waiting for her wedding for such a long time, marrying the most amazing man in the world, when she discovered an awful, awful truth. Now she is wrapped in a wedding of lies; what si she supposed to do now? How is she supposed to teach her man the truth about his ways? What would you do if betrayed like this?

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