Whatever He Wants by Ella Ryan (.ePUB)+

Whatever He Wants by Ella Ryan (.ePUB)+

Whatever He Wants by Ella Ryan
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 558 kb
Overview: Michael adores his wife, Jeannie, with every inch of his soul. Kind, compassionate, beautiful, charming – they’ve been together for years, and he can’t imagine being with anyone but her.
 Until, of course, he coaxes a deeply-hidden fantasy out of his sweet wife: that she longs to see him make love to another woman in front of her. At first, Michael is shocked. But with his birthday approaches, his wife reveals that she intends to indulge in her fantasy, and he is intrigued by the idea. With the help of a sexy co-worker, Jeannie gives Michael whatever he wants…

Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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