Werewolves & Innocence Complete Bundle by Marilynn Fae (.ePUB)

Werewolves & Innocence Complete Bundle by Marilynn Fae (.ePUB)

Werewolves & Innocence Complete Bundle by Marilynn Fae
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Overview: This four-book collection of steamy stories find innocent young women falling for the men in their lives that they’re supposed to love, but not in the way they do. Overpowered by the Alpha Werewolves twice their ages, there’s little they can do but submit.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Here, you will find:

Precious: She doesn’t see him because he’s too close, because he’s always there to pick up the pieces. He’s supposed to be there for her. But he doesn’t want just pieces. He doesn’t want to just pick up what’s left of her broken heart. He wants all of her. It is a love that consumes. One that destroys. He’s supposed to love her, but not like this.

Captured Bride: Everyone told Marin that dating a Werewolf twice her age is a bad idea, and that’s before they knew he was paying for her college education and all of her living expenses. She’s also living in his house and letting him choose her clothes, plan her classes, and feed her… basically absolute control of every aspect of her life.

Dominic is obsessed with her and wants the world to know she’s his. From the outside, he looks like a wildly possessive and jealous boyfriend with control issues and a problem with the law, specifically the one regarding public indecency, seeing as he has no qualms claiming her outdoors.

What everyone doesn’t know is just how much she loves it.

Captive Angel: There is a secret that only the most powerful of men are allowed to know, something- or rather, someone an Alpha Werewolf doesn’t want to share, but has no problem showing off.

Magnus knows he’s being selfish, keeping his angel all to himself, isolating her from the world and forbidding anyone from even looking at her twice. But she’s such a precious little thing, white wings spread out behind her, golden curls on her head and lithe body perched so beautifully on his lap as she parts her lovely, lush lips and urges him to feed her faster.

Sweet, innocent thing.

Break In: Allie wakes with a stranger in her bed and panics. And that’s before she realizes that she’s been tied in place, thick ropes keeping her trapped exactly where she is. She blinks up at the man- the werewolf who has her locked in place and open her mouth to plea- to beg.

She hears the sound of flesh meeting flesh, and then feels the sting on her cheek. Fear clutches around her throat and clenches her heart. It’s hard to breathe- harder still to think-

But she doesn’t need to worry. Someone’s coming for her. She’s the mate of a powerful Alpha Werewolf and her bodyguard is also an Alpha. It’s just a matter of whether they can make it in time…
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