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Warriorville serie by Dixie Lynn Dwyer (#1-12+15-20)
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Overview: People seem to be more interested in my name than where I get my ideas for my stories from. So I might as well share the story behind my name with all my readers.
My momma was born and raised in New Orleans. At the age of twenty, she met and fell in love with an Irishman named Patrick Riley Dwyer. Needless to say, the family was a bit taken aback by this as they hoped she would marry a family friend. It was a modern day arranged marriage kind of thing and my momma downright refused.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic MFMMM


Their Soldier Girl (#1): A survivor at fifteen, Lilly found her calling in the Army where she can help protect and empower women in danger.
After nearly dying a second time, she is forced to retire but still wants to make a difference and save women’s lives.
Lilly is a social worker, therapist, and martial arts instructor, still keeping her skills sharp and her mind on work. She’s had relationships before, but they failed because she can’t commit and always has that fear of being abandoned.
When Lilly meets four soldiers she is attracted to, it seems not worth the risk, but their kisses are too hard to resist and their bodies make her lust for more. She takes a chance but still holds back out of fear that it won’t last. She’s caught in the middle of an abduction case and it hits home and brings that wall up a bit higher.
As the danger intensifies, so do the feelings and love for the four men. Lilly is a soldier through and through, even risking her own life to ensure this current victim doesn’t wind up dead. She risks her life a third time, but this time she isn’t alone, she has her men as backup.

In the Darkest Hour (#2): Dr. Alaska James is a Corpsman who spent her years as a trauma doctor in the field in Baghdad. It’s time to retire but her need to help soldiers and ensure their transitions into civilian life are a priority.
So, when her friend Charlie, and fellow colleague recommend Warriorville and ask her to aid in two programs including Warrior’s Way, she never expects to love it, to fall in love, or to identify criminal activity that’s putting soldiers and civilian’s lives in jeopardy. Her love and drive to help soldiers and their families is something she is willing to fight for.
Magnar, Czeck, Gordo, and Asher are recovering from their injuries. When they meet Alaska James the attraction is immediate but they aren’t exactly feeling whole, and Asher is an amputee and believes his disability stands in the way of a relationship with Alaska.
She proves to them all that their attraction is special and doesn’t back down when stubbornness collides head-on. Even in their darkest hour Alaska guides them through it, proving to them that love is real, and life can go on filled with happiness.

Constructing Love (#3): Madeline Lamort is a strong, independent woman. A daughter of a Marine, and sister to five Marines. She’s well trained in self-defense and knows how to shoot a gun. What she wasn’t prepared for was being betrayed by the man she loved and fighting to maintain her life as he tried to destroy it.
She’s fought hard, licked her wounds and moved on. The last thing she expects her first few days in a new town is to become the center of the sheriff’s attention while gaining his brothers’ interests as well. Five retired Marines? She must be losing her mind.
Constructing this new development isn’t so cut and dry, neither is falling in love with five men who are quite intimidating. But as danger lingers, and suspects get exposed, Madeline protects her boss as well as her new lovers and the choice costs her. Abducted, beaten and told she will die either way for talking to the Feds, Madeline fights until the end, just as a good soldier always does.
Using all of their resources, her lovers, her father, brothers, and fellow Warriors of Warriorville, move heaven and earth to get to her in time.

Love Heals (#4): Marina isn’t exactly ready to date again, never mind trust anything any man has to say. So, when five men start showing interest in her, she wants to run for the hills instead of facing her fears.
The Casseli men are older, determined and persistent in their pursuit, and not ones to give up so easily on a woman who affects them all and makes them realize they can have the things they thought they never could. Like sharing one woman and making a home together as one family. They definitely are the jealous types and she finds out she is too when it comes to them.
They finally let down their guards and take a chance on love only for it to be threatened by an unforeseen situation. Love heals, and in this case the love and determination will give her the strength to survive and to get that happy ever after they are fighting for.

Love Heals (#5): Georgia Baily is not only one tough detective, she’s also a loving woman with a big heart who isn’t exactly ready to risk breaking it a second time.
Meeting five men in law enforcement, Beretta, Lexus, Fix, Hawk, and Donny, who break down her defenses and make her want to risk her heart again, isn’t easy to resist. They are intimidating, tough SWAT guys, and one retired soldier, an amputee that is pissed off at the world. Not exactly a combination for a successful committed relationship.
She’s got her job to do, an ex wanting to get back into her life and now she is on a hit list. Her life is in jeopardy, she is trying to solve this murder case and things are getting worse.
The only positive is the potential new relationship she’s willing to risk her heart for. When push comes to shove it will take more than a badge to save her life.

What Love is (#6): Georgia Baily is not only one tough detective, she’s also a loving woman with a big heart who isn’t exactly ready to risk breaking it a second time.
Melody Lane only knows what a broken heart is and not real love. In fact, she doesn’t believe it exists or at least isn’t in the cards for her.
A victim of sexual assault changed her life but also gave her the courage and motivation to pursue a career in law enforcement where she could help those too weak or unable to defend themselves. Five years, lots of training, and she still wound up with a guy who had problems and wanted her for her body and nothing more. It was partially her fault for not wanting a commitment and fearing to get close to any man ever again.
She’s single now, months have passed and when she crosses paths with Lock, Amel, Flex, and Norway Slade, four very intimidating, unfriendly fellow law enforcement brothers, she stays clear of their path. A mistake like that could ruin her forever.
The attraction is too strong to ignore and times four huge, capable men who set their sights on her and there’s no escaping the lust and desire. Taking a risk turns into the best decision of her life, but she’s still holding back and maintaining control. When her career and a set assignment is in the works, the last thing she expects is to revisit her past, and nearly lose everything she’s worked for, and the gift of love that’s finally at her fingertips.

Welcome to Mulligan’s (#7): Violet O’Hare is determined to achieve her degree, to have a better life and to work hard at Mulligan’s to do it. The last thing she expects to do is anger her bosses, Octo, Copus, Jonah, Cody, and Bull, and gain their interest, but when out of Mulligan’s they see a side of her no one else knows about, and she sees a side of them that interests her. Despite the chaos in her life and the bit of danger, they can’t fight the attraction they feel.
Violet’s sister Mel is in danger and it doesn’t seem like there is any way to get her out of it. Violet isn’t one to take ‘no’ for an answer. She’s had to fight and work hard for everything she has and saving her sister is approached the same way. With determination and guts. She winds up in the center of danger, but Mel and the babies are all she has, and someone has to fight for them, and Violet is ready and willing to risk it all, so they won’t end up as a statistic.

To Fill an Empty Heart (#8): Alyssa Scallon has an emptiness in her heart that nothing seems to be able to fill. Not even focusing on her career and helping those in need.
As she struggles with fears from her past and distrust in men, especially soldiers, fate steps in and draws her closer to brothers Donny, Connor, Logan and Keever Flay. All soldiers, all with their eyes set on her. When she saves two of their lives during a tragic accident, it reminds her of things from her past, and ultimately draws her closer to them.
The brothers can’t seem to resist the attraction they feel and as they learn about her fears and the abuse and loss she experienced, they become even more protective.
So when her ex returns fresh out of jail and ready to rekindle where they left off, it causes more pain for her and danger that no one even suspects. Especially not Alyssa.
When she is shoved into a dangerous situation, her men use their connections to find her and rescue her, but they may be too late. Alyssa doesn’t think anyone is coming and must take matters into her own hands to survive or die trying.

Worth Fighting For (#9): Every day is a gift worth fighting for and Brea Castle knows this firsthand. She is a survivor and survivors don’t know the word quit.
Getting away from the past hasn’t been easy but Brea is determined, and she works hard to succeed in her job and to make her bosses, Kinsey, Elliott, Panther, and Nevco Colby happy.
Trust is not easily earned, and when Brea hides her personal life from her four bosses at a time when her allegiance and devotion to her is questioned, it makes her look like a suspect instead of an ally. When they finally break down those walls and reveal their attraction it’s nearly too late.
The Colby men have trust issues of their own, but they follow their hearts and an attraction so strong even being used, lied to or cheated on is worth the effort to find out the truth about Brea.

Powerhouse (#10): Liz Taylor is a survivor and after being a victim she identifies her calling to help other women to become empowered.
Her journey leads her to Warriorville and back to family, her brother and aunt. They don’t know the extent of her experience but they see her vision in establishing a new business called Power House Studios. A place women can go, to become empowered through body, mind, and soul.
As she tries to put the past behind her, she is resistant to the attraction to four brothers, Stoli, Van, Eagan, and Forn Slade, who themselves are looking to move on to a new beginning after serving in the military.
As they all begin to let their defenses down and move on working together and sharing Liz’s vision, her ex emerges, more violent and determined than ever to destroy all she has worked for and ultimately to challenge her.
When push comes to shove it takes all Liz’s training as well as determination, support, and love of her men to conquer the demons and bring her ex down once and for all.

Love in Hiding (#11): May Lawrence is in love with her best friend’s brother Sol and his team of soldiers, Roden, Finn, and Mickey. The only problem is that they don’t seem to be in love with her. One hot and heavy make-out session and them putting on the breaks only confuses her more.
They’re distancing themselves and despite the love she hides from them, they push her into another man’s arms.
Loving them from afar is a dead-end street taking her to heartbreak. Settling for an older man who seems to say the right things, and puts her first, make her give the guy a chance, but he has ulterior motives, and May hasn’t a clue.
She learns that her own family was involved in a robbery that put two police officers in the hospital.
She puts in a call to her friend, a police officer, but she gets caught by her family and the man she almost started dating.
Her life is in danger and it will not only take her soldiers and their friends to find her in time, but also the determination and strength inside of May and the desire to get back to the men she loves.

The Fight Within (#12): Train hard, never back down, and be prepared. The fight within is all Angelina Pouquet has in preparation of what lies ahead.
A survivor, Angelina sharpens her martial arts skills, as well as her self-defense abilities including protecting her heart. It isn’t easy in Warriorville, especially when she meets four charismatic, older soldiers, Castle, Vander, Niko and Fredo Fullcheck, who set their sights on her. She is resistant, but as they witness her confront someone from her past and learn a little of her story, they’re compelled to learn more about her and protect her from harm. She isn’t so willing.
Her past experience has scarred her soul as well as her heart, but the attraction is powerful, and the four men prove they are nothing like her ex and can be trusted. When she finally is forced to face her demon head on, she must do it alone and she is more than ready to tap into the fight within her.

Ciao Bella (#13): Bella Puchenzi and her family are forced out of their business and are starting over in Warriorville, but trouble seems to follow them there when her uncle decides to do some illegal business activities behind her father’s back.
In doing so, they wind up in the middle of a federal and local investigation, ultimately putting them all at risk.
Bella finds herself falling in love with four soldiers, Slane, Lucky, Vince and Chord McCantry, but unfortunately, they question her honesty and her ethics as they learn she is part of the case they are working.
No one expects the double-dealing going on, and as her men leave her in safety as they do their job to solve the case, Bella is taken and must fight for her life and to get back to her men, as they fight and kill to get to her in time.

The Fiddler’s Heart (#14): Francesca Pouquet is a victim of abuse, but the one love that helped her through it all has been playing the fiddle. She gets lost in the music and the sounds and uses it to cope with the pain.
When she is finally free from her ex’s control, it’s in her music she finds therapy as she regains her strength and self-confidence and begins to work and make new friends.
It isn’t easy and the last thing she expects is to have feelings for four, much older men. The Buristoff brothers, Sodo, Track, Gordon, and Century, know her pain and her case, because they were part of the team investigating. They gain her trust and her love, but she isn’t out of danger yet.
She is the center of a federal investigation and ultimately a sacrificial lamb, but Francesca and the Bursitoffs don’t figure that out until it’s too late.

In the Eyes of an Angel (#15): Overcoming loss and tragedy is a daily mountain to conquer for Cassy Carter. She does it with hope and determination despite new obstacles and fears.
She didn’t think she would ever love again, and loneliness put her into the arms of a controlling, abusive man. Her family is controlling too and it takes a lot to get free and move on. She protects her heart and doesn’t let many people in and certainly no more men, then she meets the Murphy brothers, Merdoff, Cole, Franko, and Bronco. After a couple of rescues, and some intimate encounters, the attraction between them is too hot to ignore.
Her ex isn’t happy. This wasn’t the plan, and her father isn’t happy either and as she helps to bring down a drug operation it could cost her her life.

The Warrior’s Heart (#16): Etta Ferrino is tough, but she is fighting her PTSD as well as the chemistry she feels for four soldiers, Fitz, Gray, Ford, and Matty Hallihan.
They have scars of their own and lost their brother in combat. Their attitudes suck and they are older and set in their ways and can’t figure Etta out. Is she playing a game, or maybe looking for a good time? The more contact they make the harder it gets to resist the pull for more.
When they all can’t resist that sexual desire, they find out how perfect they are together, but fear of being betrayed has Etta holding up walls. When her mom’s life is threatened and she knows that other innocent people are in danger, she takes matters into her own hands and heads out to help. She can’t, tell her men or her mom will be killed. Her men throw themselves into the middle of a federal investigation to ensure that Etta comes out of this alive because they know the man she once loved had failed her.
Having a Warriors heart makes it difficult to accept help and also let love in.

The Fight Within (#17): Charlie Young is living her life and in a routine. She’s given up hope on finding a man trustworthy enough to let her guard down with. She never expects to meet four.
The Burns brothers, Frank, Luke, Duke, and Hogan are quite intimidating, and she has a lot of fears especially after being abducted and surviving. However, these four men break down her defenses and show her that they can be trusted and even have some scars of their own.
Life seems to truly have begun until her past collides with two of her men’s professions. She doesn’t want their pity or for them to walk on eggshells but she has to tell them the truth in order to help with the case and to save her friend’s life. When one of her boyfriends gets hurt and multiple women are about to get killed, Charlie digs deep and does everything in her power to save them all, and it could cost her more than she imagined.

Mending Broken Hearts (#18): River Greene is a survivor who sets out to start a new life with the only family she has, her murdered boyfriend’s father.
A new start in Warriorville isn’t easy, especially having a scar on her jaw and neck made by the man who killed her boyfriend and wanted her for his own. She suffers from PTSD and fears starting any type of new relationship.
Then she meets Florian, a soldier withs scars, PTSD and a connection they share instantly. She meets his brothers, Honda, Rudy and Cobra and they fall in love. She isn’t out of danger yet, and they are dealing with their own broken hearts and trust issues.
When their cousin, an agent, hides in Warriorville, they soon realize he is part of the same case and it’s too late when River is abducted again. They must do everything they can to find her, and River must fight to live once again.

Growing Up Hard (#19): Milwaukee Leigh has grown up hard and coming from a broken family of violence it’s a miracle she got out and fought for the life she has. She evaded becoming a victim and worked her way through college to achieve her teaching degree.
Now a kindergarten teacher in Warriorville, she is used to being alone, to not trusting many people including men, but is always ready to help others in need. She knows what it’s like to struggle, to live in fear and to feel all alone.
When she meets brothers Toro, River, Colton and Ox Sterling everything changes. She feels things she never felt before, and she’s more than willing to take a chance because being in their arms feels so perfect. She never felt protected or cared for until these men came along and showed her what love is.
Just when a whole new world of love and relationships begin their lives are suddenly turned upside down. Oblivious to what is really going on, they all realize too late that a criminal mastermind lives amongst them, and he is about to skip out of town and take what he believes belongs to him. Milwaukee.

Just Keep Fighting(#20): Paulina Codi only knows pain. Despite her successes, she’s controlled by a man and stuck under his command. The only way to be free is to escape and to face life alone, fighting every step of the way. The abuse is getting worse, and she believes her sadistic boyfriend has killed her brother just to ensure she never leaves him. It sets her over the edge, and in order to live and be free, she must plan an escape. Little does she know, she is about to enter a danger zone like nothing she ever experienced before. She’s a fighter, and now she is fighting for her life.
Falling in love with five soldiers, Aponte, Rebel, Bane, Ares, and Grunt, was never even a fantasy, but it seems her computer hacking skills, and the knowledge she has about her criminal boyfriend, just opened a military operation wider than anyone expected. As she becomes the center of their mission, the integrity of others reveals a playing field filled with backstabbing, anti-American traitors, and she has the ability to bring them all down. She’s a fighter, but she isn’t a real soldier, and despite her men and others running to her rescue, her actions could cause her own demise, instead of securing her freedom.

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