Warriors of the Augur Nebula Series by Juniper Kerry (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Warriors of the Augur Nebula Series by Juniper Kerry (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Warriors of the Augur Nebula Series by Juniper Kerry (1-4)
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Overview: Juniper Kerry is an author with a passion for romance. Her background includes a degree in English literature and anthropology from Smith College, as well as an MA from Simmons University. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and lazy basset hound.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. Prisoner of His Passion – A convicted murderer. A warrior stripped of his title. Together they will change the course of history… and discover a love the universe cannot deny.
When convicted murderer Cleo Harris is taken from Earth, she finds herself in a situation she never could have predicted: breeding with a lust-worthy alien warrior. The connection she feels with Kon is undeniable; but when this warrior learns of Cleo’s true self, will he still love her as she loves him?
Captain of the Spectacle’s Peril, Jelathikon (Kon for short) is a two-time reject with a misfit crew. When his prince asks him to save a group of human women from a breeding experiment, he tries his best… and winds up as one of the breeding partners himself. Kon resists as best he can, but he cannot deny his feelings for Cleo. Will he be able to stay away from her, even though their pair bond pulls them together? Or will he give in, and endanger her life?

2. Keeper of Her Secrets – Through abduction and slavery, Nia has kept her true self a secret. That meant keeping a certain distance from everyone… especially Prince Jaske, the sexy alien with a brooding stare that seems to strike her at her core. But now, her friends need her help, and Jaske is her only hope. There’s just one problem: she’s not sure she can control herself around him. And being drawn to anyone when you have a secret as big as Nia’s? It’s not good.
Jaske hasn’t been able to stop thinking of Nia since he first laid eyes on her. If he didn’t know better, he would think they were pair-bonded. But the Xalke don’t pair bond with her species. So why can’t he stop thinking about her?
Two people, alone in a vast universe. Will they be able to overcome their secrets and trust one another?

3. Guardian of Her Desire – Sara knows she’s not beautiful like her famous mother. But Sara also knows she has intelligence and leadership that can help her survive on this strange new planet. She’s worked hard to help build a sustainable, safe, and supportive community for a group of women who have already been through so much. Her mission is clear… and no handsome alien prince is going to screw it up, even if he is an expert in seduction.
Prince Kast doesn’t care much for humans. In fact, he doesn’t care much for anyone who isn’t a Xalke. But if these humans can give him and the other princes children, they need to be convinced to come back to the city. He tracks them through the prairies of Jahull with a clear plan: charm and disarm these women. Show them that the city life can offer far more than this backward little farm house. And bring them back to be paired off as breeders.
But when Kast lays his eyes on Sara, everything changes. The pair bond is brutal, forceful, and instantaneous. Will Kast continue to its pull, seeing himself as superior to his partner? Or will Sara convince him to see the true capabilities of humanity?

4. Captor of Her Heart – Hester doesn’t love easily; but the humans of the house in Jahull have earned her loyalty and her love. So when their supplies begin to dwindle, and their lives are at stake, Hester decides to act. Sneaking away in the night, Hester pledges herself as a breeder for the most vicious and deadly alien on Beshtast: the Caane Commander. She will sacrifice herself so that her friends might live.
Larric never meant to draw Hester to his side. His offer of supplies was meant to antagonize an opponent; not to encourage a female to come to his tent. But Hester comes anyway. He knows he should send her home. He knows that keeping her is wrong; it could ruin all the carefully laid plans of his people. But how can he deny the strength of their connection? How can he let her go?

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