Warriors of Agron Series by Hope Hart (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Warriors of Agron Series by Hope Hart (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Warriors of Agron Series by Hope Hart (1-4)
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Overview: Hope Hart has always told stories, and eventually, the characters in her head wouldn’t leave her alone until she wrote them down. She loves strong, kickass heroines and hot, brooding alpha males. Hope believes that everyone deserves a happy ending, although the best happy endings are fought for.
Genre: Romance


1. Taken By The Alien Warrior – The aliens who abducted me made a mistake.
The Grivath have sold us on Gule- a planet known for dealing in human flesh.
The women who are being held captive with me are in high demand and they all look like models. Me? I’m 5’2 shy, curvy, and a kindergarten teacher. Maybe they really meant to take my pageant queen sister?
If that’s not bad enough, our ship has crashed and half of the women are missing. Did I mention the locals want to eat us? Insert the tall, sexy warrior aliens, who saved us. Things are looking up, except that one of them is eyeing me like a snack, and not in a cannibalistic way– if you catch my drift.
Terex is rough, fierce, and bossy, and doesn’t seem to understand that I can’t stay and be his snuggle bunny. I’m not quite sure why he isn’t chasing after one of the other women when every man I’ve ever known has overlooked me.
But not Terex. When he looks at me, he doesn’t seem to see chubby, awkward Ellie. And his gaze burns brighter instead of shifting away.
Now, I’ve just got to convince him to help me find the other women and get back to Earth.
Should be a piece of cake… Right?

2. Claimed by the Alien Warrior – What’s worse than being stuck on an alien planet?
Being stuck on an alien planet when you’ve made an enemy of the local tribe King.
Okay, so I may have stolen his favorite misua and snuck away to find my friends. But he should’ve known better than to forbid me to go. I’m a marine, and we leave no man– or woman, behind.
Besides- putting distance between us is a good thing, especially since I’m sure he’s coming after me. We’re like fire and gasoline, and spending time near him is is like lighting a match and waiting for the explosion.
So what if his dark eyes promise more pleasure than I’ve ever experienced? I’m finding my friends and getting off this planet.
Even if this alien king seems to think he owns me.
Even if a tiny part of me might like the idea of being owned… by him.

3. Saved by the Alien Warrior – I was abducted, sold, then crash-landed on a strange planet… only to be abducted again.
And you know the funny thing?
I barely even care.
I’m numb.
You see, I’ve already lost everything.
When you’re doing something you love, you never think that it could be the last time. That someone might take your life from you and leave you stranded on a planet where most of the locals are out to get you.
Now I’m lying here, far from home, bleeding out in a trap built for a huge beast that could show up at any second and eat me.
Which isn’t quite how I pictured my death…
But an alien warrior has found me instead. He says he can help me. Unfortunately, on this planet, I’ve heard that before. And it’s never boded well for me.
He’s huge, arrogant, and he’s got muscles in all the right places. Even a dying woman can appreciate the view when he takes off his shirt to keep me warm.
I don’t know if I even have it in me to save myself at this point, but two women are counting on me to get back to them with help.
Can I trust the alien warrior to save us? And while he’s saving my life, can he make me feel something… anything other than hopelessness?

4. Seduced by the Alien Warrior – I made a deal with the devil.
Okay, so he’s not really the devil, but he may as well be. The Tribe King is gorgeous, arrogant, and devious. He refused to hand over crucial information to help us find our friends until I agreed to stay with him.
For a year.
As far as I’m concerned, deals made under duress don’t count. Anyone who would demand such a thing in exchange for our friends’ freedom simply can’t be trusted.
The problem? He may be calculating and autocratic, but he’s slowly slipping under my defenses and making me doubt everything I thought I knew.
Can I sneak away from the Tribe King before he notices I’m gone?
And if I can… do I even want to?

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4. Seduced by the Alien Warrior


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