Warrior Woman of the Samurai Series by India Millar (.ePUB)

Warrior Woman of the Samurai Series by India Millar (.ePUB)

Warrior Woman of the Samurai Series by India Millar (1-6)
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Overview:INDIA MILLAR started her career in heavy industry at British Gas and ended it in the rarefied atmosphere of the British Library. She now lives on Spain’s glorious Costa Blanca North in an entirely male dominated household comprised of her husband, a dog, and a cat.
Genre: Romance


1. Firefly – There are some who believe that the honor of a samurai is reserved for men.
But they are wrong.
Keiko was born the daughter of a samurai. But as a mere younger sister, her future was to run errands for her lovely elder sister and obey her father. Until the day it fell to her to defend the honor of her sister and her family…

2. Mantis – Keiko’s men are dead, slaughtered by peasants in a desperate attempt to obtain food for their starving families. She is the last of her line; without her, the noble and ancient house of Hakuseki will die.
In order to try and save her family name, this noble samurai warrior woman is forced to humble herself at the feet of the local daimyo. When he ridicules her and takes the family estate for himself, the samurai code of bushido says there is only one thing left for Keiko.
Keiko plots to take revenge for the actions of her greedy noble lord and revenge against the men who wanted to buy her and keep her as their slave.
Just like the praying mantis, Keiko lures her enemies into a sense of safety before taking her revenge…

3. Chameleon – Keiko’s revenge on her enemies is almost complete. Like her namesake, the chameleon, she has changed herself to attract and entrap the men she seeks. Now, just one man remains unpunished. But before she can complete her vengeance, karma destroys her plans cruelly. Niko—her adopted younger sister—has been kidnapped. Keiko is sure she knows who is behind the abduction, but she cannot act alone to get Niko back. She is forced to turn to the most unlikely ally to help her—Akira, the most feared yakuza in Edo.
Karma forces Keiko to change her colors to get what she wants. She has become as adaptable as the chameleon. But first and last, she is still a warrior woman of the samurai.

4. Spider – When Keiko chooses duty over love, she wonders if the code of the samurai is worth the heartache.
Leaving Edo to save the life of a man she once loved, Keiko must give up everything she has worked for. She vows one day to return, but she has learned the hard lesson that the gods have a dark sense of humor.
The city of Kobe seems a world away from Edo, a place where she could disappear, become whoever she wants to be, and leave the way of the samurai behind her.
But the code of bushido is not so easily discarded.
Even as Keiko makes new friends, new allies, and explores new dreams, her duty calls to her. Torn between a life of joy and a life of honor, Keiko knows that she can never truly have both.

5. Dragonfly – Even the strongest woman has her breaking point, and Keiko has reached hers.
Sick at heart and wanting only to leave her past behind her, Keiko is drawn to the sea. Seeking refuge from the world that has nearly torn her spirit apart, she boards the first ship she finds and sails away gladly from her former life.
Although Keiko thinks she is done with her past life, fate has much more in store. Her ship is taken by a band of wokou–desperate pirates who will kill to gain the treasure they seek. But just like Keiko, the wokou captain hides a secret. He is a man who, like her, has walked away from his past life, and Keiko comes to believe that she has truly found a kindred spirit in this man who is not what he appears.
Yet still, the gods are not ready to give Keiko the peace she craves. Once more, the way of the samurai calls to her and she has to face her greatest challenge.
Only this time, love and honor are two sides of the same coin.

6. Scorpion – Men speak of sacrifice, but only a woman who has lost everything truly knows what the word means.
It is said that the gods become offended when mere humans try to usurp their supremacy in directing earthly affairs. Keiko learns this in a way that leaves her with nothing but crushing grief.
To catch a traitor, Keiko must lower herself to serve the man who betrayed her, forced to become his slave. When she loses the thing that has come to mean more to her than anything else in the world, she does not know if she can–or should–continue fighting. If life is only suffering, she would rather die an honorable death.
She is alone, abandoned by the world, and it is only by the strangest twist of fate that a figure from her past returns and promises to help her turn disaster into triumph.
But will the cost be worth it?

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