Virilian Mail Order Mates Series by Ella Blake (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Virilian Mail Order Mates Series by Ella Blake (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Virilian Mail Order Mates Series by Ella Blake (1-3)
Requirements: epub reader, 570 kb
Overview:Ella Blake loves sci-fi adventure and romance, so it’s little wonder why she writes books about gorgeous alien hunks looking for love! Ella lives in the Midwest with her family and a pack of cuddly dogs.
Genre: Romance


1. Trak – It seemed like a straightforward agreement: become a mistress to a gorgeous, alien Virilian male until an offspring is produced, then go home with five million dollars.
Desperate for money to continue her brother’s expensive medical treatment, Anna Baker signs the contract to enter herself in the running to produce an heir for one of these alien males. It doesn’t sound so bad, and hey, she’s always wanted to travel. To Anna’s surprise, she is chosen out of hundreds of qualifying women, but she doesn’t expect to be tossed in a transport ship, shuttled to a disreputable space station on the other side of the galaxy, and dropped off in a stranger’s bedroom. Her match is swaggering scoundrel Trak Letu, Prince of the Virilian fleet Exir, who turns out to be as infuriating as he is sexy. All she has to do is have his child and she can go home a rich woman, but the easier time passes with Trak, the harder it is to imagine leaving him, or the child he is desperate for.
Prince Trak’s people are heading for extinction, and honestly, mail-ordering a female from a distant planet isn’t his ideal way of meeting the mother of his future child. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to ensure his species’ survival, but the female chosen for him isn’t just beautiful, she’s opinionated, intelligent, and more passionate than he could have imagined. As time passes, he begins to dread the day Anna does have his baby, for he does not look forward to sending her back to Earth. However, Trak isn’t the only alien who desires her. When a trade deal goes badly and Anna, herself, becomes the currency, Trak must navigate a deadly path that unveils a frightening and dangerous face that all Virilian males strive to keep hidden. Even if he saves her, he could still lose her.

2. DREX – Madison McGurdy didn’t enter herself into the selection process to become mistress to a powerful Virilian male for the money. She did it to escape.
When your obsessed ex is one of the most ruthless men in the world and there’s no place on Earth to hide from him (because you’ve tried), going to a faraway planet sounds like an adventure and a chance for a fresh start. The program worked out well for women in the past, and it allows Madison to stay with the child she will produce. Maddy is intrigued by the gorgeous Virilian king she’s matched with. He is serious, obviously lonely, and she is strongly attracted to him, but there’s one problem: He wants nothing to do with her.
Well, that’s not exactly true.
Drex Letu, King of Exir City, is immediately and intensely attracted to the female chosen for him by the High Sage. However, he still mourns the loss of his mate who died from a devastating virus years earlier, and which killed most Virilian females. Now, his grim, solitary life is dedicated to serving his city and grieving those he lost. The beautiful, vivacious human who he is expected to produce offspring with, tempts him like no other, but there is no room in his life for what she offers. He plans to send her—and her infectious laugh—back to Earth on the next available transport.
But when Exir City is attacked and evacuated, Drex and Maddy are forced to cross the harsh Virilian desert alone to reach safety. Together, they must survive deadly ambushes from a shadowy enemy, face an attraction he is determined to deny, and come to terms with a dark, primal force that lies deep within the soul of e

3. VIRAK – Jessa Robson applied to the alien match program for the money. After a string of disappointing relationships and a childhood spent shuffling between foster homes, she doesn’t envision love in her future. When she’s chosen to be a mistress for a Virilian male, she sees that five-million-dollar fee as her ticket to an independent life, free from scraping by and dead-end jobs. All she has to do is provide one of those gorgeous Virilian males with an heir. But she doesn’t expect such a powerful connection to her match—the enigmatic and devastatingly handsome Virak Braal, ruler of Tagja City.
Virak has had one failed pairing and has no expectation that this one will turn out better. The life of a Virilian king is solitary and Virak, who was raised by brutal combat trainers and cold attendants, has learned to keep everyone at arm’s length—emotionally and physically. Virak is immediately drawn to Jessa, but he long ago accepted his discomfort with closeness and touch. When his city is invaded, putting him and Jessa in danger, primal forces within him snap the chains on his tight control.
A familiar enemy threatens Virilia, forcing Virak to trust allies, both old and new. Finding out who is behind the deadly Sifter group’s growing power will put Virak’s leadership to the test and expose Jessa to the darkest part of him.

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