Victorian Correction Series by Emily Tilton (.ePUB)

Victorian Correction Series by Emily Tilton (.ePUB)

Victorian Correction Series by Emily Tilton (10-13)
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Overview: Emily Tilton wishes she were as free as her characters (one of whom shares Emily’s name) to live out her fantasies of submission.Emily’s erotica is a narrative version of her nearly lifelong quest to reconcile her submissive erotic orientation with her ethics. She writes erotica, not erotic romance: her books are about sex, because writing about sex helps her understand that fundamental part of her life better. She hopes maybe it does the same for her readers.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


10. Properly Theirs – After she is terribly rude to a friend of a powerful duke during a ball, eighteen-year-old debutante Caroline Montgomery’s prospects for a suitable marriage are placed in great jeopardy.
In order to salvage her chances for a decent match, Caroline’s guardian requests the help of the famous Dr. Brown, and soon Caroline is learning what her future husband will expect of her.

11. Her Shameful Training – When Lord Stephen Gaithwait takes an interest in eighteen-year-old Joanna Middleton, the esteemed Dr. Brown offers to help the gentleman win the heart of the beautiful young woman.

12. The Duke’s Shameful Demands – When she is chosen by the Duke of Norley to serve in a musical company which will entertain the duke’s guests at a grand festival, eighteen-year-old Clara Mansfield is unsure what to expect.
Clara quickly discovers that serving the duke is much more exciting than she would have ever expected, but when the time comes for the festival, will she be ready to put on her performance?

13. The Duke’s Shameful Game – When she wears out her welcome in London with her unladylike antics, eighteen-year-old Dora Harper is sent to the country estate of her guardian. She has no idea what life will be like there…

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13. The Duke’s Shameful Game


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