Unstoppable Alphas Series by Jenna Rose (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Unstoppable Alphas Series by Jenna Rose (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Unstoppable Alphas Series by Jenna Rose (1-2 )
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Overview:Jenna Rose is an avid reader and writer, particularly when it comes to science-fiction and fantasy. Currently, she works as a receptionist, but her real love is writing. In her free time, she likes to read comic books, play video games, and waste time on the internet. She currently lives in Massachusetts with her dog, Harley.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


1. Always His – My life changed when I first kissed August.
She taught me about love.
Then life taught me about heartbreak.
I’ve been gone for five years, but never stopped thinking of her.
But now I’m back, and I’m determined not to lose her again.
But I lied to her, and it’s time to come clean. She needs to know the real me.
All I can do is pray she accepts it…

2. Can’t Fake It – I thought I could do it.
I thought I could pretend the curvy beauty wasn’t really mine.
Fifty thousand to pretend to be my wife.
But what started of as just an arrangement, has become something much more…
I just can’t fake it.
And neither can she.
And I won’t stop until I make her mine for real.

3. He Goes Deep – I’m going pro. The NFL is waiting.
I can have any girl I want. And I want Suzy.
I’m skilled at the game, and trust me, I know how to score.
She thinks I’m just another player, and she’s probably right.
I want to be more for her, but she’s not buying it.
Why would she? My record speaks for itself.
Long-term relationships? I don’t do those.
But now I’m rethinking everything…
And I don’t care what it takes; I’ll prove myself to her.
I may win every day on the field, but she won my heart the moment I set eyes on her.

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3. He Goes Deep


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