Undercover Lust series by Nicole Sanchez (.ePUB)

Undercover Lust series by Nicole Sanchez (.ePUB)

Undercover Lust series by Nicole Sanchez (Books 1~2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 414 Kb
Overview: Hi, I am a journalism student in the UPR , University of Puerto Rico. A few years ago a student strike left me without almost a full year of no classes and later on a huge dent in my Pell Grant. As such I turned to writing and although I am still studying, I keep writing. From reading my stories you will think that I live a double life, not true, we all have fantasies and desires, I simply share them for all to read. I am grateful to my readers and enjoying my life and fortunate of living in the isle of enchantment for 23 years.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic, Romance


The Rowdy Rebels Motorcycle Club: Scarlet Sinclair is a New York born and raised Police detective that has been assigned to the Metro Gang Unit of the Seattle Police Department. She is in charge of investigating a series of murders that all seem to have one single common thread, there seems to be bikers behind the killing. Scarlet and her boyfriend Rex are both assigned to investigate the Rowdy Rebels Motorcycle Club. The problem, neither one knows about the other. Scarlet goes undercover with the club to try and get an inside knowledge of the goings on. Scarlet has to walk very carefully as to not raise the suspicion of the M.C. Can Scarlet get to the bottom of the murders before it is too late or will she be found out as being a cop?

Crashing The Concert: Scarlet Sinclair and her partner arrive at another crime scene. Upon further investigation she discovers that the female that was murdered was her mother that had disappeared earlier. Convincing the Chief to allow her to remain on the case she continues to hunt clues. One of the things that seems odd is that the murders may involve the actions of Werewolves and vampires working together. Going to a local rock concert, Scarlet hopes to get more answers to the growing number of questions.

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