Ultimate Entertainment Series by Pippa K Cox (.ePUB)+

Ultimate Entertainment Series by Pippa K Cox (.ePUB)+

Ultimate Entertainment series by Pippa K Cox (#1-4)
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Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Ultimate Entertainment Part One: The Massage by Pippa K Cox
Ultimate Entertainment is a total immersion Virtual Reality game. Hannah is a tech journalist assigned to review it. She opts to experience the game’s sexual elements and experiences a massage scenario. The game is far more impressive than she had expected. It’s not like a game at all, it’s like real life… in fact, it’s better!
This book is the start of a series that explores sexual scenarios in a virtual world. Expect sex positive, upbeat and orgasmic encounters. The sex is consensual and dangerously hot! Don’t read this one on a crowded bus

Ultimate Entertainment Part Two: Fire Fighters
Lynn is a sexually neglected housewife. She has finally gathered the courage to visit Ultimate Entertainment, the virtual reality system that is capable of making dreams come true. Lynn’s dream involves two gorgeous firemen and an afternoon of unbridled passion. This is more than a fantasy, more than a dream… it’s Ultimate Entertainment.

Ultimate Entertainment Part Three: Dominant Darcy
Lily is a fan of ‘Pride and Prejudice’. She’s also, far more secretly, a fan of BDSM. She dreams of being Lizzy Bennet and discovering that Mr Darcy has a passion for Domination. When Lily tries the Ultimate Entertainment virtual reality game, she discovers that dreams can come true.

A Highwayman Came Riding (Ultimate Entertainment Book 4)
Jennifer has heard about the incredible new virtual reality game ‘Ultimate Entertainment’. She has a particular fantasy that she wants to try. Jennifer’s best friend was dominated by Darcy, but Jennifer wants to be kidnapped by a dashing Highwayman. Her fantasy could never happen in real life, so she uses ‘Ultimate Entertainment’ to live out her steamy dream!

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