Two Novels by Suzanne Jones (.ePUB)

Two Novels by Suzanne Jones (.ePUB)

Two Novels by Suzanne Jones
Requirements: .ePUB/.MOBI reader, 934 KB
Overview: Suzanne Jones is the author of Restrained and Captive. She Writes erotic romance.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Restrained: With bondage-loving Marie’s birthday coming up, she hopes boyfriend Matt has something special planned. But when he restrains her and begins to punish her, she isn’t quite sure what to think, especially when two of Matt’s friends turn up to join the fun…

Captive: “I’m awake but why is it so dark? I can’t move my arms. I don’t know what’s happened, let me try to remember. Last night was my birthday party and I was out in town with my friends. I hate it when I drink so much that I can’t remember getting home at the end of the night. Why can’t I move my hands? It feels like they’re bound with electrical tape but why would that have happened?”

When a twenty-something girl finds herself tied up in an empty warehouse with no idea how she got there she has to try and figure out an escape plan. But before she gets the chance her captor reveals himself and an intriguing sexual game begins. Does she want to go home or does she secretly enjoy the pleasurable acts being carried out on her by her kidnapper?

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