Twisted Devils MC Series by Zahra Girard (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Twisted Devils MC Series by Zahra Girard (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Twisted Devils MC Series by Zahra Girard (1-4)
Requirements: epub reader, 724 kb
Overview: I love bad boys, the kind that are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. The kind that’ll flip the bird to the world and take on heaven and hell for the woman they love.
Genre: Romance


1. Razor – I kidnapped an angel to keep her safe. I’ll kill to make her mine.
I’m relentless. Merciless. Vicious.
I live by one rule: protect my Twisted Devils MC family at any cost.
Then I see her. Samantha. Everything changes.
Now I have a new rule: do whatever it takes to make her mine. Forever.
She’s irresistible. Innocent. And in a whole lot of danger.
We couldn’t be more different – she’s a nurse who heals, I’m a man who kills.
But in this world, I take what I want.
And I want her.
This angel is no pushover.
But even when she fights me, her moans tell me she aches to submit.
It’s not long before she’s wrapped in my leather.
And softening my twisted heart.
Then the deadly secrets in her past emerge.
Enemies who threaten everything I love.
She says she doesn’t want my protection,
But I’m not giving her a choice.
Because this Devil will go to hell and back to keep his angel safe.

2. Rusty – I’m her worst nightmare.
She’s my one chance for redemption.
And a fake marriage is the only way to save her life.
I’m a dangerous man with demons in my past.
Avery’s my total opposite – an innocent who likes the quiet life.
I have no business being close to a good girl like her, but she’s in danger.
And I’m the only devil who can help.
She’s being targeted by some vicious criminals.
For her protection, I have keep her close.
So close we both might just lose control.
See, we have to crash a cartel wedding.
Posing as man and wife.
It’s just pretend. A fake marriage to keep her safe.
Except the heat in our first kiss sparks an inferno.
And her lush curves make my body burn with need.
There’s no stopping my runaway lust now, no matter what Avery says.
Because, with every moment I spend with her, the more uncontrollable my cravings get.
And when I’ve killed every threat to my woman, I’m going to do whatever it takes to make our marriage real.

3. Mack – I’m a man with a dark reputation and a lonely heart.
But one night changes everything.
I never could keep my hands to myself.
My enemies learned that the hard way.
So when I come across Sophia Nowak, terrified and on the run,
I can’t resist her curvy hips or her big, captivating… eyes.
All I can think about is how to make her mine.
She tries to warn me about her past,
About the Bratva chasing after her
She wants to keep running – to start over somewhere new,
to giver her baby a chance at a new life.
But I don’t give a damn about the danger.
And I sure as hell don’t run.
The kids isn’t mine, but the mother sure is.
There’s something Sophia doesn’t know, but she’s going to learn real fast:
I take what’s mine and I never let it go.
Now they’re both under my protection.
And those Bratva on her tail?
They’ve never faced a Devil like me.
I’ll pay any price – kill anyone – to keep Sophia for myself.

4. Blaze – I took her prisoner to teach her a lesson.
I’ll risk everything to make her mine.
I’m fearless, unbreakable, lethal,
Former Firefighter, patched MC,
I charge into danger to protect the ones I love,
So when a scam puts my mom in serious debt to some ruthless criminals,
It’s up to me to settle the score.
Tiffany was the nerdy good girl from high school.
Now she’s all grown up – a fancy education, a banking job,
And a pair of legs I ache to get between.
She wants a career that will make her family proud.
I need to use her to rob the bank where she works.
And I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer.
But I never expected my captive’s sensual lips would soothe my dark heart.
Or that one taste of her would burn hotter than any forest fire.
Getting close to her is all kinds of wrong, but feels oh so right.
And when enemies come knocking and our lives are on the line,
One thing is for sure: I’ll burn this city down to keep her for myself.

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4. Blaze


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