Tundra Wolves series by Maggie Walsh (.ePUB)

Tundra Wolves series by Maggie Walsh (.ePUB)

Tundra Wolves series by Maggie Walsh (Books #1-6)
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Overview: Maggie Walsh was born on Long Island to a large Irish American family. Twelve years ago she moved to the Pocono Mountains with her husband and four children. Maggie writes M/M Paranormal Erotic Romance, but has other works in progress. She loves to do outdoorsy stuff like, camp, fish, hike, ski, whitewater raft, and canoeing. Maggie loves writing stories about strong men, but also men who are flawed and can show their softer side.
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, MM, BDSM


1. Same Time Next Year: The Alaskan Tundra, a cold and desolate place where very few creatures can live under the harsh conditions found there. But one group of wolves known as The Alaskan Tundra Wolves, thrive in the region. With very few females of their kind willing to settle in such a harsh environment, the males of the breed learn to adapt, and for generations, male on male matings are the norm. Also what is normal within this breed is their place in the pack. Depending on what they were born as, Alpha, beta, delta, gamma, omega, makes them either dominant or submissive, or any of the levels in between. For the Tundra Wolves, this is not a lifestyle choice, but how they were born. It is inbreed in their DNA to either dominate or submit and is completely natural for them. Caleb was born a beta to his pack and spends his life training to be its top warrior with the thought of being his alpha brothers beta when he turns twenty-five, but as Caleb ages he realizes his true desires don’t match with his beta self. He craves to submit to an alpha and to give himself freely, but the beta in him needs to fight and protect. The inner turmoil within confuses Caleb, but not as much as the yearly letters he has received every birthday his whole life. On his sixteenth birthday, Caleb’s parents present him with a bundle of letters each noted with his birthday on it since the day he was born. With each letter the writer talks of his past year and his hopes for Caleb in the future. But as Caleb matures, the letters become more intimate, the author telling of how beautiful he thinks Caleb has become. On the day before his twenty-fifth birthday, the latest letter arrives a day early with the promise, “I will see you tomorrow.” When the moment finally arrives, Caleb is shocked to see the man of his dreams, literally, just walks into his life. The connection between them is strong and Caleb doesn’t waste a minute fighting it. He has done something that is unheard of for their kind and has found his true mate. Ridge is the alpha of the nearest pack of Tundra wolves and has known Caleb’s whole life that he had found his true mate, but Caleb was too young for him to stake his claim, so instead he would reach out once a year to let Caleb know that he wasn’t alone. Now that the two have finally met, the pull to be together and to claim is too strong for either of them to fight and Ridge takes Caleb home to his pack. Caleb now has to come to terms with who he really is and what he truly desires and embrace his submissive side.

2. The Reckoning: Jag is first beta for the Heart Pack and has an insatiable sexual appetite. As a beta he loves to dominate, but wants more than just a willing submissive. He dreams of having what his alpha and best friend Ridge has with his mate Caleb. A mate to share his life with. An equal partner in life, but someone who will give themselves to him freely in the bedroom and can keep up with his every need and desire. Bo is an enforcer and delta with the York pack, so he is tough and not afraid to go into battle. As a delta it is ingrained in his DNA to submit to a more dominant wolf, but to also crave sex. It’s what deltas are known for. But, as Bo’s twenty-fifth birthday approaches, he realizes he wants something more and those dreams scare him. When the two get together for a meeting for their alphas, the attraction they have for one another is so strong that it comes to a head and they spend a night in sexual bliss. When the dawn of day comes, the two must return home to their lives, but neither can get the other, or their night together, out of their thoughts. Jag is sent to the York pack for his alpha and when he sees the sexy delta of his dreams again, Jag knows he has to have the man and somehow make Bo his. To find out that they are actually true mates is a big surprise to both of them, but as wolves, they know the gift they have been given and grab onto it with both hands. However, when they learn the truth of true mating’s and something called The Reckoning that is coming to their world, both Jag and Bo hold on even tighter to one another as forces they have no control over conspire to rip their world and future apart.

3. The Linchpin: Alex is a delta/gamma wolf with deep desires to be taken by two Masters. His life is pretty normal and boring, besides the fact that he has grown up as a delta with a burning need to have sex, as his kind is known for. However once he hits his twenty-fifth birthday and he fully matures into who he will be, and his gamma side comes forward, Alex wants more than just sex, he wants to submit fully to a lover, he wants to belong to someone. Two someone’s actually. He has dreamt of finding two men who can master him and give him what he needs. Tug is an alpha/beta with their pack and runs the pack pub for the alpha. He also is the man of Alex’s dreams. Tug is big, funny, caring, friendly, but he also exudes that alpha domination that Alex craves so much. When Alex finds out that Tug already has a man of his own, a boyfriend he is in a committed relationship with, all Alex’s dreams of submitting to Tug crash around him. Then one day Alex meets a new man, Raiden and finds himself attracted to the beta/delta and runs away scared. Not that he wouldn’t love to get to know Raiden and maybe see if there could be something between them, but Alex really craves a Dominant male. Not that the beta in Raiden won’t be Dominant, but Alex doesn’t get that vibe from the intense, friendly male. Not knowing that Raiden is actually Tug’s boyfriend, Alex finds himself overwhelmed and shocked when he has an encounter with both men together and feels a pull to belong to them both. When Raiden and Tug start to make advances toward him, Alex is thrilled, but confused, until their alpha, Dell, orders them to the alpha house, then explains to them that the three of them are actually true mates. While speaking to the alpha they all find out about something called The Reckoning and how a great purge will be coming to Earth by the gods to cleanse it. Only those of their kind who are true mates will survive the purge. But, they also learn about something called a “linchpin”, and Dell believes that Alex is one. He explains that Tug and Raiden are actually true mates, but never knew until they met their linchpin together, and that man is Alex. Now that the three of them know the truth and feel the pull to mate, they are each excited to start their lives together, but outside forces in the form of a twink wanting Tug and Raiden as his own, steps in and causes chaos and misunderstandings. When Alex disappears at the hands of a stalker, it is up to Tug and Raiden to save their true mate before someone else claims what is theirs, and they can all finally claim each other.

4. Nowhere to Hide: Marlo is an omega Tundra Wolf with the York Pack up in northern Alaska, but he is not like the other omegas. Marlo has a mind of his own and he likes to use it. He doesn’t sit around all day dreaming of an alpha coming along to claim and dominate him, or of becoming a slave to that alpha. Although Marlo does dream of a dominant mate, someone to master his body and his pleasure, but he wants someone that will look at him as an equal. Marlo doesn’t want to be completely subservient to anyone. He is the assistant to his pack alpha and loves being independent. Marlo is proud that he is the only omega in the pack that has learned how to fight and take care of himself, but he fears the day an alpha comes along and puts a claim on him because surely that alpha, like almost all other alphas, would want an omega as they expect him to be, quiet, submissive, and basically their slave in all things. Fane Heart is an alpha/beta who is on the run with his best friend Oberon. The two are running for their lives and need somewhere to hide, but neither can think of anywhere that they wouldn’t be found by their Vampire nest leader, Julius. With nowhere else to go, Fane thinks of his cousin Ridge, who is now the alpha to his family pack of Tundra Wolves up in the northernmost region of Alaska. As much as Fane never wanted to step foot in the tundra again because of his shame over something horrible that he had done when he was younger, Fane knows that to keep him and Oberon safe and alive, he needs to push down his pride and ask his cousin for help. When Fane goes to live with the York Pack, a sister pack to his cousin, he thought it would be hard enough learning to live in such a dark, deserted, frozen wasteland, so finding his mate comes as a big shock and Fane has no idea what he is going to do. But when his omega mate takes one look at him then runs, Fane is not only confused but suddenly wants his mate. Can Fane change Marlo’s mind before the little omega runs from him again, or will the threat against him rear its ugly head in the tundra and keep him from his mate for eternity?

5. Alliances: As omega wolf Marlo and his Alpha/beta mate Fane get closer and explore all the joys of their mating, Fane’s best friend Oberon, the vampire, begins to question his move to the frozen wasteland. With the capture of Silvan, a vengeful vampire set out to kill both Fane and Oberon, it forces the wolves of the Tundra, in both the York and Heart packs, to face the evil realities that have been inflicting the rest of the paranormal world. When a conclave is called between Alpha York, Alpha Heart, a powerful witch, a vampire leader, and two members of the Paranormal Council, eyes are opened, friendships are in danger, and new alliances are made. Will the news of what is really going on in the paranormal world bring Dell and Ridge’s packs closer together, or tear them apart?

6. Freeing Oberon: Oberon is a vampire living in the frozen Tundra with a pack of wolves that have treated him better than anyone ever before in his life, including his own family, but the move has been causing chaos, not only with his feedings and his sleep, but with his desires. Living with a pack of wolves who embrace their dominant and submissive sides is hard on a man who, deep down, craves submission, but is always forced to be the one on top. While Oberon tries to deal with a dark past filled with torture, pain, and rejection, he has a hard time ignoring his dark desires when the sexy beta, Legion, is near. Legion does things to him that make Oberon feel ashamed, but the man pushes every button for him, causing Oberon to have to fight his cravings even harder. Legion knows there is another out there for him and his boys, Taavi and Sauli, and he promises to do everything in his power to find him. When he meets the large, sexy vampire, something about Oberon calls to Legion on a base level, and his dominant side takes over. After a very hot and heated encounter with the vampire, Legion now knows that Oberon is a true submissive, but he doesn’t know why the man fights it so much. He makes a promise to find out and draw out Oberon’s dark needs. Legion doesn’t know for sure if Oberon is the true mate they have been looking for, but he has a feeling deep down in his soul that his, Sauli, and Taavi‘s search is over. Now all they have to do is convince the scarred vampire that they belong together.

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