True Mates Generations Series by Alicia Montgomery (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

True Mates Generations Series by Alicia Montgomery (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

True Mates Generations Series by Alicia Montgomery (2-9 )
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Overview: Alicia Montgomery has always dreamed of becoming a romance novel writer. She started writing down her stories in now long-forgotten diaries and notebooks, never thinking that her dream would come true.
Genre: Romance


2. Claiming the Alpha– Adrianna Anderson’s rise to Alpha wasn’t going to be easy. The mages are back and have made it their mission to destroy her and every last Lycan on earth. To make matters worse, a notorious shifter crime organization, The Family, has been building an empire in her territory. When their leader agrees to a truce and offers his fiercest enforcer to keep her safe, she can’t help but feel suspicious. She doesn’t need their help and she certainly doesn’t want the handsome, but stoic silver-haired shifter guarding her 24/7.
Darius Corvinus defied all odds and rose up the ranks to become one of the top enforcers of The Family. When his uncle assigns him to spy on the future Alpha of New Jersey while guarding her, he has no choice but to obey. But, he didn’t expect to feel so drawn to the fierce beauty, and he knows his loyalty will be tested. He must keep his distance to protect her from his uncle, but his wolf is urging him to make Adrianna theirs.
As their attraction and passions grow, Darius and Adrianna must choose between loyalty to their families or each other. Will they act on their consuming need for each other or deny their true feelings to save Lycan kind?

3. Alpha Ascending – Wolf shifter Lucas Anderson only knew one thing: humans were scum and not to be trusted. From the moment he was born, his future was already set: to be Alpha of the most powerful Lycan clan in the world. He would do anything to protect his clan and keep their existence a secret. But when a gorgeous,*human* police detective accuses him of murder, his life is turned upside-down and he can’t ignore her or the passion she stirs up in him and his wolf.
Detective Sofia Selinofoto’s life revolved around putting scumbags in jail and getting justice for the weak and innocent. However, her razor-sharp focus and ethics are put to the test when her murder investigation leads her to CEO billionaire Lucas Anderson. From the moment she sets her eyes on him, the pull of attraction was so strong she almost forgets that he could be a killer. But, she knows he’s hiding something and solving this particular puzzle both scares and thrills her.
Unable to resist each other, they play a dangerous cat-and-mouse game that only brings them closer together and sparks the flames of their desire. When her life is threatened, he knew he would burn the world down to protect her. But, she was still human and not to be trusted. Can he put his prejudices aside and put his faith in her or will he forever want someone he can never truly have?

4. A Witch in Time – When three strangers appear at his doorstep, Lord Reed Townsend, Duke of Huntington, knows something is not quite right. And it’s not just because his wolf immediately recognizes Elise Henney as his True Mate. But the cold, unfeeling Alpha doesn’t want to risk his heart again, despite the fact that his wolf is urging him to claim their mate. He ignores his instincts, hoping that the desire and longing he feels for the young American miss would eventually go away.
Transported from modern day New York to Regency England, wolf shifter Elise Henney and her companions deduce that their only way home lies with the London Alpha. But, Reed’s suspicious nature is a major hindrance, not to mention, his cold, unfeeling nature. Still, she can’t help but feel drawn to the broody duke, but he can never know who she really is or where she’s from.
Sparks fly despite their denial of their attraction to each other. But, Elise’s only way home relies on Reed’s fate, one she cannot change no matter what happens. Can they let history play out as it’s supposed to or will they defy time, in order to be together?
She’s a witch lost in time.
He’s a cold, unfeeling Alpha wolf who’s lost everything.
When they meet, sparks fly.
But he can never know who she really is and where she’s from.
Fate has brought them together, but will it also tear them apart?

5. Highland Wolf – A she-wolf with a secret
Her Scottish mate determined to claim her
Can love prevail
Or will evil forces keep them apart?
As the official envoy of the New York Lycan clan, Julianna Anderson came to Scotland to forge alliances in order to defeat their enemies, and not to find a mate. But Duncan MacDougal insists that she’s his True Mate, and the sexy Scottish wolf just won’t take no for an answer. She doesn’t need or want a mate, and she’s got too much going on to add one more thing to her plate.
Future Alpha Duncan MacDougal recognized Julianna as his True Mate the moment their eyes locked, and while the prickly she-wolf doesn’t believe him, he’ll do anything to make her his. He knows that there’s more to Julianna than meets the eye, and the shadows that seem to haunt her make him know the truth even more, if only to safeguard her from the dangers around them.
There’s just one thing Julianna can never tell Duncan, a secret from her past that would mean the undoing of all her work, and possibly put every Lycan in the world in danger. But Duncan wants to know everything about her, and possess her, heart, mind, and soul.
Will she be able to keep her secrets and keep her heart, or will the past catch up to her and destroy everything she holds dear.

6. Daughter of the Dragon – What’s a girl to do when her heart gets broken?
Fly halfway across the world, and hope digging for mummies will help her forget.
At least that’s what Deedee Creed does.
But then a fierce sand storm sweeps her up and sends her straight into the bed of a hot prince.
Can she deny the attraction between them?
And is there more to the prince than meets the eye?
They say mending a broken heart takes time and distance, so wolf shifter Desiree “Deedee” Creed takes the first chance she could to get out of New York–by going on a year-long archeological dig halfway across the world. Not only was this good for her career, but it would give her a chance to forget the sting of rejection and let her heart heal. However, a freak sandstorm sweeps her up and straight into the arms of a mysterious, handsome prince who calls to her wolf. But he can never know her true shifter nature, and she must resist him and ignore the desire he awakens in her.
When his father dies suddenly, ruling a kingdom wasn’t the only burden left on Crown Prince Karim’s shoulders. He is also the bearer of the Great One, a mystical creature bound to his blood and soul that marks him as the future king of Zhobghadi. Ensuring the safety and prosperity of his people and country is the duty that’s been ingrained in him since he was born. But, when the beautiful archeologist shows up in his bed and ignites his lust and intrigues his beast, he can’t help but wonder if there is more to life than becoming king.
When the secrets they were hiding from the world and each other come to light, it only pushes them together, and they realize how perfect they are for each other. As their passion for one another grows, so does the danger around them. And secrets from the past never stay in the past. Will these forces bring them closer together or keep them apart?

7. Shadow Wolf – When tragedy took away everything she loved, Mika Westbrooke hardened her heart and focused her energy on defeating her clan’s enemies. However, when a charming Cajun worms his way into the New York clan, her instincts and her wolf go haywire and she suspects that he may be the one fate intended for her–her True Mate. But Mika doesn’t want a mate or to love again. But he can give her one thing she does want … a child of her own, to love and cherish and fill in the void in her heart.
One fateful night, Marc Delacroix calls in a favor from one of the most powerful Betas in the world, and finally escapes the nightmare he’s been living for decades. All he has to do now is keep his head down and serve the New York Lycan clan for the next five years then he can be truly free to live his life. But he didn’t expect to meet Mika Westbrooke or that his inner wolf would be so fixed on the green-eyed beauty. He knows he needs to focus on his goal, but Mika’s proving to be a distraction–an alluring one, but a distraction nonetheless. Then she gives him an offer he can’t refuse … one night with her sweet body, in exchange for giving her the pup she desperately wants.
They strike a bargain, but keeping things casual is harder than they think, and when someone tries to hurt Mika, his protective instincts kick in. Are the mages out to kill her or is it Delacroix’s past, coming back to haunt him?

8. A Touch of Magic – Two years ago, an accident changed Sabrina’s Strohen’s life. Though she can’t remember much about what happened, ever since then, the face of a man has haunted her dreams and her paintings. But when that same man suddenly shows up in her apartment and tells her that she’s in danger and must come with him, she doesn’t know what to think. But, her heart and her instinct tell her he could be the key to remembering what happened that fateful day.
Time has run out for warlock and wolf shifter hybrid Cross Jonasson. He’d had two years to find a way to save his clan and his True Mate. But when the secret he’s been keeping is revealed, he realizes he may not even be able to save any of them from certain death. Now on the run, he comes back to keep Sabrina safe when his enemies threaten her. When her memories of him start returning, he knows that it may be impossible to keep the awful truth from her–that she is the reason the world will end, which is why he can never claim her as his True Mate.
With the mages determined to take Sabrina and the power she’s been hiding, Cross must make a choice: will he forever keep the terrible secret from her or can he trust fate to save the world and each other?

9. Heart of the Wolf – Spoiled, rich, and vain Isabelle Anderson has grown up. After being left pregnant and alone by her True Mate, she’s finally standing on her own two feet and built a life for herself and her son. But, when Ransom turns up unexpectedly, the foundations of her life are threatened and she knows she must do everything she can to prevent him from finding out that he is her son’s father. But more than that, she must also protect her own heart, which yearns for him despite his betrayal.
The moment he saw her, Lone Wolf Ransom knew he had to have Isabelle. The vapid and selfish princess was hiding a heart of gold, and one smile from her melted his resistance. But, circumstances forced him to push her away, for her own good. There was a plan that was set in motion long ago, and she was a complication he couldn’t afford, not when he was so close to what he wanted: revenge on those who wronged him in the past. He managed to stay away from her, but when her life is threatened, it was seemingly impossible for him to ignore it and he seeks her out to protect her.
When they cross paths, that old attraction sparks again—but was it really ever extinguished? Will Isabelle be able to keep the existence of their son from him? Can Ransom put revenge aside for good in order to win her back and prove to her they were meant to be together?
But their enemies have ramped up in full force and their threat is much bigger than both of them. As the fight heats up, can they focus on defeating the mages, while ignoring the call of True Mates? Or will the mages finally get what they want—the destruction of the Lycans and rule over of the entire world and humankind?

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9. Heart of the Wolf


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