Troubled Playthings Series by Tiffany Sala (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Troubled Playthings Series by Tiffany Sala (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Troubled Playthings Series by Tiffany Sala (1-3)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 714 KB
Overview: I promise lots of good-looking and troubled young men behaving very badly, and young women who will be questioning their decisions right along with you even if they know their own hearts. The endings are happy but the journeys are harrowing. If this sounds too confronting or not to your taste, I won’t judge you for choosing to spend your time enjoying a different book.
Genre: Romance


1. Boys And Their Toys – Seven years ago, I told Lucas Starling no. Probably a first for him.
I thought I was free of him messing with my head, with my life.
Now Lucas has me in his sights again.
He’s older. He’s grown into his looks… and his charm.
And Lucas still plays just as hard as he used to. When he’s done with a toy, he doesn’t care if he drops it hard enough to break.
But this time, I’m ready for him. I’ll say no again, as many times as it takes.
And if that’s not enough? I have a plan to protect myself. I can play hard, too.
But my plan never accounted for breaking my own heart.

2. Games Boys Play – I just want to protect the people I love.
That’s how I came under Steven’s eye. The guy has a massive chip on his shoulder and he’s rough and rude. He makes me like things I shouldn’t, things I’m afraid I might just be wired to enjoy.
He might be more trouble than I can handle. I bet the average nice, safe eighteen-year-old doesn’t have a restraining order out against him.
There are enough things I don’t understand about my own life. I can’t afford to play his games.
But now we’ve tangled once, he won’t leave me alone. Won’t give me any peace. He’s started to change who I am, the choices I make, and there’s nothing I can do about it.
I might have to try to uncover Steven’s secrets, whether I like it or not. Staying in the dark is possibly the most dangerous place I can be.

3. The Big Boys’ League – I always thought Axel was kind of a prick. All that money, totally full of himself.
These days, I have definite proof of it.
I also have something else. Something Axel wants. Not me—he hardly recognises I’m the same species as him.
That’s all about to change. I’ve become a problem Axel needs to solve, and there’s not much Axel likes better than attacking a problem.
I just never realised before how far he would go. That he knows a bit about things other than money and status.
I never realised how fighting back would turn my life upside-down.
Most boys only want one thing. Who knows what might happen if Axel decides he wants two.

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3. The Big Boys’ League


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