Triton’s Pack series by Marcy Jacks (.ePUB)

Triton’s Pack series by Marcy Jacks (.ePUB)

Triton’s Pack series by Marcy Jacks (Books #1-10)
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Overview: Marcy Jacks lives and works in Ontario, Canada where she is fervently pursuing the writer’s life while writing about lots of gorgeous guys.
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance, MM


1. The Cure: Davin is the son of a powerful vampire. A vampire who enslaved werewolves and turned them into the beasts they are feared as. Davin has never been interested in what his father does, but he never thought he would be kidnapped out of his bed for it either, and by the most handsome man he’s ever seen. He should be afraid, but something pulls him to Triton, and learning of his tragic past makes him sympathize even more. Triton is an alpha. Not born, but turned by a vampire lord. Davin’s father. After years of freedom from the vampires, he’s losing control. He needs a vampire, the blood of the male who enslaved him, to drink the bad blood from him and tame the beast. The sex is a nice bonus as far as either of them are concerned. The fact that Davin is Triton’s mate complicates things, especially when Davin’s father goes to war to get him back.

2. The After Effects: Davin is an enemy vampire in a wolf shifter’s pack, and after his father attacked, he needs to prove that he is willing to cooperate. His mate might be the alpha, but even Triton has rules that he is expected to follow, unless he wants the entire pack turning on him. Having them become a mob who will punish Davin with or without his consent is not on the menu. Davin needs to show he can be useful. Violence erupts, and when his best friend is struggling with his own mating to another wolf, Davin decides he will call his father and try to break a peace agreement between the vampires and the werewolves. His father is hardly impressed, and when more vampire prisoners escape, Triton will do what it takes to keep the wolves from turning on the love of his life.

3. Nathan’s Prisoner: Nathan has been finding something nice to smell ever since he was put on guard duty over the captured vampires. When they escape, Nathan needs to chase after that smell. When he finds that smell again, it’s burned, badly, and Nathan will do whatever it takes to make sure his mate survives the day. Grim is a cynical vampire, loyal to his master to a fault, and hardly willing to accompany the werewolf back to the pack that held him prisoner. In his current state, there’s not much of a choice. Though a naked werewolf is always nice to look at. Grim is drawn to him, and soon finds himself going with Nathan willingly, even fighting off his own kind to protect the man. When they return to the pack, the question of whether or not it will be safe, for either of them, will finally be answered.

4. The Vampire’s First Love: Dean McGregor is not the best warrior. He’s more of a tracker. The sort of vampire who hunts down his prey so other warriors can take the lead. And when those wolves kill a dear friend of his, Dean wants his revenge. Too bad the wolf he shoots at happens to be a little too fast for him to handle, a little too strong, and also his mate. Zeus was still in recovery from being attacked by vampires when this little bastard tries to take him out. The vampire is beyond lucky his blood smells so nice. An instinct unlike anything he’s ever felt takes command. Zeus knows fate when it tries to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart. But how can he convince a vampire who has never known real love that he can love and trust a werewolf? Especially when there are others in the pack who would be more than happy to see Dean gone for good?

5. A Wolf’s Vow to Protect: Lucas never cared about the shady aspect of selling his blood to vampires. He only cared that they paid him well and that he could keep his father’s prescriptions filled. Then something went wrong. When the vampires nearly drink him dry during a party, and werewolves decide to crash it, Lucas quickly learns that he was not as free to come and go as he thought. As the second in command of Triton’s pack, Philip was expected to take out as many vampires as possible. He was not supposed to abandon the fight, even if he’d found his mate. But Lucas’ scent calls to him, even more so than the screams of battle. Philip needs his mate. Right now. He needs to do is bring Lucas to safety before he’s caught in the crossfire. It’s clear his mate does not understand the danger he’s in, and Philip will have to work overtime to keep him alive.

6. Switching Teams: Jason Saroski has had a pretty normal life in his pack, but a group of vampire assassins change everything. The vampires are not going to take kindly to their new drink mouthing off to them. Before they can do any damage, one of their deadliest assassins walks in, and he smells something real nice on Jason. Jason catches that smell, too, and he likes it. A lot. Damian has always known killing. He thought the last of his soul died long ago, but no. Jason breathes life into him, and Damian needs the man. He doesn’t understand why. He knows werewolves can mate with each other, but a vampire and a werewolf? Is such a thing possible? When his master threatens Jason, Damian knows they can’t stay. Damian will betray everything he’s ever known for the one thing he cares about, and possibly get a second chance at this new life in the process.

7. Living with the Consequences: Jason Saroski had his entire life turned upside down when his pack was destroyed, was taken prisoner by the vampires who did it, and then mated to one of the vampire assassins! Now, Jason and Damian are on the run and seeking shelter with Triton’s pack. But it’s not Adolphus that Jason and Damian have to worry about. Not in this pack where everyone is suspicious of newcomers and vampires. Damian is trying to make amends for his past life, to be the sort of male his mate would be proud of, but that hardly means everyone else is willing to give him that chance. A fight between himself and the alpha is announced to prove Damian’s strength and potential usefulness to the pack, but when the other shifters attack Jason when Damian is distracted, he’ll have to rethink how safe Triton’s pack could be for his mate.

8. Stubborn Bastards: Billy has had enough of werewolves and their shit, especially when it comes to his mate. Billy is an elite vampire warrior, if his mate is going to head out on a trip to his old boss’ house to rescue some omegas, then Billy is damn well going to go with him. Wilson barely gets along with his mate. In fact, they hate each other. That doesn’t mean Wilson wants anything happening to his idiot vampire lover. When they’re caught together, they’ll need to work together. Interestingly enough, Wilson likes seeing his mate kick ass, and sneaking in a quickie in a vampire mansion is hot as hell. Who knew they would finally start to bond and maybe even, gasp, like each other in the heat of battle? In the end, it may not be the vampires who are out to kill them that Billy and Wilson need to be more concerned about if they want to leave together alive.

9. The Alpha’s Family: Davin, a vampire who used to live a life of power and prestige under the cruel thumb of his father, is now happily mated to the enemy. Triton is an alpha wolf and former slave of Davin’s father, but Davin loves the man more than anything, and he will do whatever it takes to convince his father that peace is possible. When he finds out his perfect alpha mate knocked him up, Davin is damn near ready to go to war anyway. Only for a few minutes, but still. He’s a vampire! Not a shifter. His body isn’t supposed to make this sort of change! Where will the baby even come from? And can he survive such a thing? When his father discovers the pregnancy, the answer is probably not, as it seems his dear old dad would rather he was dead than carrying the child of his enemy. Not if Triton has anything to say about it.

10. His Alpha Protector: Davin, a vampire and former prisoner of Triton’s pack, is going through some changes, and not just because he’s the alpha’s mate. His pregnancy (God, he’s still getting used to that) is coming along well. The baby is healthy, and Davin can handle more time in the sun. Hours. As though he’s slowly turning into something else. He might just get through the birthing alive. If he can shift into a werewolf. The clock is ticking. If he can’t shift, he’ll die, something Triton struggles with. The threat of Davin’s father still looms. Adolphus is not pleased that his son is carrying the seed of wolves, and he’s done sending others to do his dirty work. He’ll make one last attempt to bring Davin home. One last attempt to take back his heir, and kill the children if he can. At the threat to his unborn child and mate, Davin feels something wild and animal stirring inside him…

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