Triplet Harems Series by J.L. Wilder (.ePUB)

Triplet Harems Series by J.L. Wilder (.ePUB)

Triplet Harems Series by J.L. Wilder (1-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 306 kb
Overview: Retired man eater, I’ve dated them all! Now I get to weave the former men in my life into shifters and vampires.And I did once have a thing with three brothers!!!
Genre: Romance


1. Dragon Triplets – In New York City’s Shifter society, a human omega is the ultimate prize.
Dragon Triplets:
We’ve been waiting for her.
The one who can create the next generation of triplet alphas.
We’ll do what it takes to charm her.
We’ll do what it takes to protect her.
And we will claim her. One by one.
Even if it starts a war.
A human omega, is the only one that can satisfy our desires.
The Human Omega:
My life is officially insane.
First, I can hear people’s thoughts.
Second my ex-boyfriend pulled me into his dark world of crime.
Then I escaped to New York City, where a very powerful shifter kidnaps me.
Now I’m being rescued by sexy dragons. Identical ones.
One by one, three triplet brothers have saved me.
They tell me I’m an omega. Their destiny.
All I know is that they make me lose control.

2. Bear Triplets – Could this single mom Wolf be the answer these Bears were waiting for?
Triplet Bears:
If that damn wolf woman thinks her son can get away with killing our cattle,
we will make her pay.
We have the most productive ranch in the county,
But it’s been barren without one thing—a woman we can share.
So for now, we’ll let them stay.
We’ll give them protection from other shifters.
And we’ll be a father to her unruly wolf boy,
Under one, STRICT, condition……
Single Mom Wolf:
I just wanted to raise my son in peace,
escape our violent past.
But then he wanted to hunt, he wanted to be a man,
without a father to guide him.
And now we are indebted to three sexy bears.
To work of my son’s debt I have to go on a date with each one,
And I don’t know if I can control myself when I’m with them.
They may be dangerous, but they’ve been more of a father to my boy,
than any man ever has.

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1. Dragon Triplets

2. Bear Triplets


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