Touched By The Fae Series by Jessica Lynch (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Touched By The Fae Series by Jessica Lynch (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Touched by the Fae Series by Jessica Lynch ( 1-4)
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Overview: Jessica Lynch has been writing since she was 8 and wrote a short story called “Bugs Bunny Meets the Little Mermaid”, mainly because they were the only characters she could illustrate.
Genre: Romance


1. Asylum– The fae are real. I just pretend they’re not.
Black Pine Facility for Wayward Juveniles. The asylum. It’s a place where they stick troubled cases like me until we age out or they think they’ve fixed us.
Newsflash: you can’t fix what’s not broken. And I may have been thrown into Black Pine when I was barely fifteen, but I’m not crazy.
I’m cursed.
Because the fae? They’re real. Gorgeous, ethereal, mythical creatures who can’t lie but are experts at twisting the truth. Just one touch, that’s all it takes. Just one touch and the fae have power over you. Just one touch and your whole world can go up in flames.
I was warned. He called himself the Shadow Man. With his raven hair and glowing silver eyes, he looked the part, too. He’s the one who told me about the fae, who made me promise not to be tricked into giving up everything I have with the single touch of my hand.
I’m… I’m not so good at keeping promises.
Now I’m just about to turn twenty-one. I’ve kept my head down, constantly wearing my leather gloves as if that’s not too little too late. At least they’re finally letting me out of the asylum. I’ve done my time inside here, went through therapy, worked with my psychologists. I’m supposed to be released in two weeks.
That’s when Nine, the Shadow Man who once haunted my childhood, returns for the first time in six years with another warning—plus one hell of a surprise.
There’s a prophecy. The Fae Queen wants to get her hands on me because of it, and she has the power of the whole Seelie Court behind her. I’m screwed—unless I can hook up with the dark mate mentioned in the prophecy.
Too bad I’d rather die than let another fae male touch me again.

2. Shadow – The fae are after me because I’m the Shadow. But what the hell is that supposed to mean?
Black Pine Facility for Wayward Juveniles. The asylum. I always thought it was a place for broken kids like me and it is, I guess. But that’s not all.
It’s also a place where the fae put troublesome humans to forget about them.
After I was blamed for my sister’s death, I was trapped inside for more than six years. My doctors—my captors—told me that I’d be free on my next birthday. In a couple of weeks, I would walk out of Black Pine forever.
I believed them, too.
The fae can’t lie, but that doesn’t mean they tell the truth. On my twenty-first birthday, I would be leaving the asylum… because the Fae Queen has decided it’s time I was finally brought to Faerie to face her.
Yeah. That’s, uh, that’s gonna be a no.
You see, I spent the last six years pretending that the fae don’t exist. That all changes when a Dark Fae helps me break out of the asylum. Nine. The Shadow Man who was my loyal guardian and only friend when I was a little girl. Now that he’s back in my life for the first time in years, he swears he only wants to help me.
With a return to the asylum impossible, my only goal is to escape the fae chasing me. Even Nine. Especially Nine. And that’s way harder than I thought it would be. He’s… he’s different than the Shadow Man I remember from my childhood. The cold, emotionless fae is showing me a whole new side to him—and this sexy, devoted fae is helping me discover exactly who I am.
Abandonment issues, right? I have them in spades. So while I’m trying to escape the fae, I’m also trying to outrun my growing feelings for Nine.
If only I could get the hang of the whole walking through shadows thing…

3. Touch – The prophecy is coming true. It’s either the Fae Queen dies or I do—and, for the first time ever, I have something to live for.
My parents are alive. Melisandre, the cruel Fae Queen, is holding them hostage. She thinks that they’re all the leverage she needs to lure me into her clutches.
She isn’t wrong.
But Nine, the Dark Fae who has looked out for me since I was a kid, won’t let me sacrifice myself. The Shadow Prophecy says that only I can defeat the Fae Queen and end the Reign of the Damned.
Then again, it also says that I’m gonna need the help of my fated mate. Who, I just discovered when he gave up his freedom in my place, is Nine.
I didn’t want to do this. I didn’t want to have anything to do with the fae.
Too bad I don’t have a choice.
Okay. Okay. One step at at a time.
Step One: Save Nine.
Step Two: Get to know my parents.
Step Three: Defeat the Fae Queen and save Faerie.
When I discover that there’s a way to do all three of those, I’m game… until I find out that it requires me to do something I swore I wouldn’t.
I have to go back to Black Pine. I have to go back to the asylum. Then, if I survive the confrontation with the Fae Queen, I can finally—finally—put this whole Shadow crap behind me.
No biggie.
With my Shadow Man at my side, and my newfound powers, I know I can do this.
And all it will cost me is one last touch.

4. Zella – The Fae Queen is dead—and now it’s time for me to finally live a little.
Now that I’ve returned to live in the human world with my fae mate, I’m looking forward to putting the Shadow Prophecy behind me. Too bad that seems easier said than done…
A few weeks after my final showdown with Melisandre, the cruel Fae Queen, I’m settling into my new life nicely. It’s pretty great not to have to look over my shoulder every few seconds, and I’m using my shadow magic for day trips instead of running for my safety. It’s great–or it would be if Nine stopped acting so distant.
Something’s bothering him. He swears he’s happy in the human world with me and, since he’s fae, I know he’s telling the truth. There’s still something… off, though, and I won’t stop until I find out what.

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