Total Jeopardy by Rowanna Green (.ePUB)

Total Jeopardy by Rowanna Green (.ePUB)

Total Jeopardy by Rowanna Green (#1-3)
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Overview: This collection features eight short stories, five novelettes (30-50 minute reads) and a couple of novellas, all linked by the central character, Sexy Lexie. Although reasonably contemporary, they are set in the UK in the Experimental 80’s, when many patriarchal firms were dragging their heels about a woman’s role in the workplace. When they got home, however, women were much more enlightened and willing to take on the freedom of the Swinging 60’s and Psychedelic 70’s.
But if reading about Eighties England (with its vintage films, TV shows, music and technology) is not for you, other stories are available. Ditto if you are put off by raunchy scenes of sassy young women in proper pickles.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Triple Jeopardy
Lexie’s Awakening: A tight red skirt. A smutty remark. A nice girl’s undoing.
The Dark Knights: A lonely road. A flat tyre. A girl’s worst nightmare.
Men of Steel: A dazzling spotlight. A crowd baying for flesh. What choice did she have?

More Jeopardy
Is it Me?: A hot date. A perfect evening. What did she do wrong?
Pain and Pleasure: A loving hug. A light caress. Why does it hurt so much?
Cherry Picking: An innocent virgin. Definitely the one. When, where and how?
Please, Miss Tease: Years of pain. Unbearable torture. Could he recover?
Working Girl: One motel room. Two consenting adults. You can guess the rest.
You Don’t Dare Lexie: A boring meeting. A stupid dare. Could she pull it off?

Final jeopardy
Mistress: An empty house. A sexy temptress. Didn’t he deserve some pleasure?
Slave Girl: One helpless victim. Two cruel tormentors. Her fate was written.
Lost in France: A deserted vineyard. A band of drunken gypsies. What she needs is a saviour.
No Gentleman: Ten tipsy executives. One naïve student. A foregone conclusion?
Teacher’s Pet: A creepy professor. A resentful housemate. Where does it say feel free to take advantage?
Dating Danger: Mixed messages. Dark yearnings. When play-acting stops being a game.

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