Too Bad It’s Fake Series by Jamie Knight (.ePUB)

Too Bad It’s Fake Series by Jamie Knight (.ePUB)

Too Bad It’s Fake Series by Jamie Knight (1-7)
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Overview: Jamie Knight enjoys writing dirty, naughty taboo fantasies you can get lost in. Don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret!
Genre: Romance


1. Bad Reputation – Carina
He’s pretending to be my fiancé, but what if I want this lie to become real?
I was bullied by mean girls in high school.
So when my best friend insists I travel home for our reunion, I balk.
But then I think of hiring a hot escort as my fake fiancé.
That will sure improve my reputation.
Plus it’ll make everyone jealous and be my perfect revenge.
I knew that escorts had to be handsome.
But I didn’t think the one I hired would be so charming.
Leo is the perfect man, from his tall, muscular body to his sense of humor.
But he isn’t really mine.
We’re from two different coasts.
And it feels like we’re from two different worlds.
But when he really gets into the role by kissing me, our lips fit together perfectly.
This could never work out. Or could it?
Each kiss he gives me starts to make our romance seem more real.
It’s just a job, but all I can think about is working her over.
I used to be a player.
But after having to work as an escort, I’m taking a new approach to dating.
That is, I don’t really plan to date at all.
It’s not like escorts have the best reputation.
But all that changes when I meet Carina.
Curvy and pretty, she is the perfect girl next door.
But the problem is that she is my client, even if it is for just one night.
It’s bad to mix business with pleasure, but I just can’t resist.
Especially after I kiss her lips.
What starts out as just pretend, turns into an obsession.
One night of feeling her body pressed against mine is not enough.
Soon I’m coming up with more reasons to continue this façade.
Free of charge.
Why can’t I get her out of my system?
Could this pretend relationship last forever?

2. Bad Attitude – Hayley: Leave it to me to ruin even a fake relationship!
What happens when a super handsome and rich guy asks me to coffee?
I think I’m the brunt of a prank my new co-workers are playing on me!
Looking at Liam, I find myself turning into a pile of mush.
My mouth and vocal cords refuse to work around him.
Mr. Cocky seems surprised. He’s not used to having his advanced refused.
How can I ever make it up to him?
Apparently, by agreeing to pretend to be his fiancée at a wedding.
There’s also a little thing I could give him called my innocence.
I would only want to do that if our relationship was working for real.
But now it’s so real that things are messily broken instead of perfectly fake.
It would take a lot of work to fix it all.
But both of us seem up for a challenge.
Liam: I only need her for one night, but I want her for good.
I don’t just need a wedding date; I also need to pretend I’m getting married.
So when my lawyer sets me up with his new assistant, I’m in.
I’m not the kind of guy who commits, so a one-night fiancée sounds perfect.
And Hayley is perfect, too – perfectly gorgeous, curvy and feisty.
But when I try to take her out to explain the plan, she freaks.
How can I pretend to be happy with someone so negative?
It seems we bring out the worst in each other.
And yet, I can’t seem to stop wanting her to be my fake fiancée- and more.
Hayley needs an attitude adjudgment and I’m just the guy to give it to her.
But is she thinking the same thing about me?

3. Bad Intentions – Can just one fake night turn into a real forever after?
I can’t believe I offered to be Noah’s fake fiancée!
Will my boldness be a mistake or get me the man of my dreams?
Noah Wells is the kind of guy all girls fantasize about, including me.
As a tall, handsome and super rich lawyer, he’s completely perfect.
And so far, love has been lacking in my life.
It’s taken me forever to come out of my shell.
I’m working a dead-end waitressing job and trying to improve my future.
That’s when I hear Noah mention that he needs a fake fiancée for a day.
And I surprise myself by jumping at the chance to get closer to him.
It soon becomes clear that this hot player wants to take my innocence.
That’s good with me, because I don’t want anything serious.
And he has a lot on his plate as it is.
But then I realize that one night as Noah’s fake fiancée isn’t enough.
I want him for real, and for the rest of my life.
Will Noah’s past be too much for him to give us a future?
Or will true love conquer all?
All I need is a fiancée for one night.
That’ll make my mom and my ex back down.
But with feisty, curvy Emma, will I get more than I bargained for?
One would never think that getting recognized for charity work is a bad thing.
But in my case, it’s turning out to be a nightmare.
Especially because my overbearing mom is attending the gala.
Not only that, but she’s invited my crazy ex.
I go to my best friend Jim for advice at a café.
Just hire a fake fiancée, he urges. It will be easy, he says.
Well, in my case, that turns out to be true, quicker than either of us expect.
Because the cute waitress overhears our conversation and offers to play the role.
Emma is young, curvy, and a gorgeous girl next door type.
I think she may even be untouched.
She’s perfect for my bad intentions.
I just hope I don’t get her too caught up in this fake relationship.
Because my real life is very messy!
Can I keep things between Emma and me to just a simple agreement?
Or will my heart take me down a path I never expected us to go?

4. Bad Manners – Why am I for real falling for my cocky, secretive fake fiancé?
Ann: I’m hardly excited to attend yet another wedding, but I have to.
I just know my ultra-conservative family will make comments.
They don’t exactly like the fact that I’m a single mom.
My assistant has an answer for every problem, though.
And this solution comes in a chiseled, muscular, six-foot two package.
Russ is the newest and most ambitious lawyer in our firm.
But he’s also a rebel with a passionate Italian bad boy edge.
His swagger shows he’s not afraid to take on a challenge.
So he agrees to be both my wedding date and my fake fiancé.
A fun game of pretending becomes real when I start to catch feelings.
I can’t let myself fall for him, though. I’ve never had luck in love.
Then my bad-mannered fake fiancé is glued to his phone at the wedding.
I start to think this is my way out, but it’s obvious Russ is into me.
He wants to get with me so bad.
Why’s he pushing me away emotionally yet pulling me into him physically?
Is my fake fiancé hiding real truths showing we’re more alike than I thought?
Russ: I like to keep my life private.
But Ann makes me want to open more than just her heart for me.
Maybe I could also open my heart for her.
When Ann Howell asks me for a favor, I can’t just say no.
Not only is she brilliant and beautiful, but I also find her irresistible.
It’s not exactly convenient to pretend to be her fiancé at a wedding.
I hate those, and everything else about commitment and relationships.
But I’m new to the firm and I have to get on her good side.
And let’s face it: this gorgeous, curvy woman doesn’t have a bad side.
The closer I get to Ann, the more I realize she’s just my type.
Strong and feisty.
But how close is too close?
Would she judge me if she knew the details of my life?
Especially the one thing I hold most dear.
Despite my bad boy act, the truth is that I need Ann more than she needs me.
This was supposed to all be just fake and temporary.
But can we work it out and find our happy ever after for real?

5. Bad Neighbor – Chase: I saved her life, but she stole my heart.
I just found out I’m inheriting billions of dollars.
My ex, who is also my sister’s best friend, wants me back now.
I’d do anything to avoid her and avoid hurting my little sister.
I’d even ask the hot single mom next door to move in with me.
Beautiful, curvy Ashlyn agrees to pretend to be my fiancée.
She and her darling little girl need my protection.
All together we make the perfect fake family.
But will my sister and gold-digging ex buy the charade?
And can I keep my hands off Ashlyn?
I want her but she thinks I’m a cocky jerk.
I know the fake happiness we share could become real.
Can I convince Ashlyn to open up her heart to me?
Ashlyn: I need protection, but I don’t do love.
All I want to do is provide for my little girl.
We’re hiding from my violent ex and jobs are hard to find.
When the landlord tosses us out, I figure all is lost.
Until my sexy neighbor comes to my rescue.
He’s a hot lawyer and former soldier capable of keeping us safe.
He wants a fake relationship in return, and that’s fine with me.
I won’t get close to him for real, because I know he’s a womanizer.
Plus, I’ve been burned before and I like to stay away from the flame.
Sure, he heats up my thoughts.
But that doesn’t mean I have to let him into my heart.
He thinks our fake family could become real.
But I need to protect my heart while he protects my life.

6. Bad Company – Jacob: We grew close when we were strangers, living far apart.
Now we’re roommates and she’s my fake fiancée!
When I was deployed, letters from my anonymous pen pal kept me sane.
I told this stranger everything, never expecting to meet her in real life.
But when I get home,imagine my shock when I learn that she’s she’s my twin sister’s best friend!
My mystery correspondent now appears before me.
Charlotte’s like a curvy, gorgeous angel.
I need to prove to my landlord that I’m stable enough, as a PTSD-ridden vet, to rent an apartment.
When I share my dilemma, she agrees to be my fake fiancée and co-sign my lease.
And I can’t keep my eyes off her, for real.
I’ve never felt this comfortable with anyone.
Since she knows all my dark secrets, she must think I’m bad company.
But I’m determined to make this fake set up real, forever.
Charlotte: My best friend’s brother has been my secret pen pal!
And now we’re also fake engaged.
I signed up with a pen pal service for soldiers stationed overseas.
While I was corresponding with mine, I made a best friend at college.
Imagine my surprise when I find out it’s been her brother all along.
The words in Jacob’s letters spoke to me.
Now that we’re standing face to face, it’s not speaking that I want to do.
I’m much better at writing to people than dealing with them face to face.
This tall, hot guy I’ve shared all my thoughts with has me tongue-tied.
I’m quick to help him out by becoming his fake fiancé and roommate.
But I know better than anyone that facing his demons could take a while.
Can our story of coincidences and pretend situations lead to lasting love?

7. Bad Dog – Sam: He’s not mine, I’m just holding him for a friend…
Why can’t I tell her the truth?
When I agreed to take in my friend’s puppy, Benny, for a little while, I thought it would be simple.
But it turns out taking care of the little scamp takes more than I anticipated.
So when he falls ill under my care, I rush him to the vet.
Drop-dead-gorgeous Ronda.
Once I lay eyes on her, the dogs aren’t the only ones drooling.
I’m not normally one to get tripped up talking to an attractive woman, but Ronda leaves me tongue-tied,
And somehow I accidentally claim that Benny’s my own dog.
But it lands me a date-well, a _play_date, with the smoking hot vet and her own dog.
When Benny has to go back to his family, will I lose Ronda, too?
I think this girl’s already got my heart on a leash…
Ronda: Open mouth, insert foot…
What have I gotten myself into?
It’s not news that I’m not great with people.
It’s a big part of the reason I love working with animals.
But when a ridiculously hot guy comes in with a cute puppy,
My social awkwardness bites me harder than a patient ever has.
So now, I have a doggie playdate.
Just me, super-hot Sam, his adorable puppy…and my dog.
Who doesn’t exist.
I know I shouldn’t have lied,
But will our budding relationship end up tattered as a chew toy?
Or is this more than just a case of puppy love?

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