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Timberwood Cove Series by Liam Kingsley (1-10)
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1. Homerun Daddy– Not only is Jaxon a born Alpha, he is also one by choice. Or at least, he’s about to be. His adoptive father wants to pass on leadership of the Timberwood Cove Pack to him but Jaxon has reservations. Why? Because this shifter wants his mate.
When Jaxon scents his fated mate at a local diner, he knows it’s only a matter of time before he claims the man. But their courtship is complicated. Even though Bryce is an omega he has no idea shifters exist. What’s more, he blames a wolf for the death of his sister and his current painful circumstances.
After causing an accident that left his sister dead and himself with chronic injuries, Bryce can’t screw up raising his nephew. Money is tight and Bryce’s new disabilities make caring for a young boy even more difficult. When he meets Jaxon, the man is too good to be true; a caring alpha who coaches his nephew’s baseball team and looks at Bryce with heat and tenderness.
Will their rapidly growing family strikeout? Or will they be a home run?

2. Surprised Daddy – Shawn is devastated after learning he is unable to carry children of his own, and he knows that no alpha will take a chance on a barren omega. After all, his last alpha left him when he was unable to conceive. Ever since then, Shawn has struggled with fears of abandonment. As he gets closer to Linc he finds himself wishing he could give the sweet alpha everything; his body, his heart, and more children to love.
Linc loves being a dad to his eight year old son, but inside he yearns for more. Discovering Shawn is his fated mate is a dream come true but it will take time for Linc to convince his stubborn, heart-scarred mate that they have a future together. With the support of his pack, Linc and his inner wolfdedicate themselves to to wooing the skittish omega. And when a surprising revelation binds them even closer together, he’ll prove that he’s just the man to love Shawn… forever.

3. Secret Daddy – Fate has given them a second chance, and this time? They’ll make it work.
Ten years ago, Kyle’s drunken hookup lead to a little shifter baby. Raising a young wolf shifter is getting harder by the day for this single, omega dad. He’s determined to find his son’s alpha father to give Brock the role model he needs, but adjusting to sharing the son he raised on his own for ten years is easier said than done. A sudden shift in the family arrangement means Kyle doesn’t have the luxury of time. He must face his hang-ups head on if he and Gavin are ever going to rekindle their relationship.
Gavin knows what it’s like to be raised without an alpha, which is why finding out that he has a secret son rocks him to the core. He comes face to face with his insecurities surrounding fatherhood and his and Kyle’s new mating is pushed to the limits as a result. Still, Gavin has a lot of years to make up for, and he’s determined to be the alpha that his son and his mate need.

4. Doggone Daddy – Alpha wanted… must love dogs…
Trevor’s self-image issues from childhood bullies have followed him into adulthood. As a result, he has never experienced a relationship, or love. But he sure wants to, especially with the wolf alpha next door. One tiny problem: Jason can’t stand dogs and Trevor owns a doggie day care. Besides that, Trevor has trouble believing that anyone as hot as Jason could ever want someone as plain as him.
Omega needed… no pets allowed…
Jason has heard all the jokes about being a wolf who is afraid of dogs but his phobia is no laughing matter. When he scents the sassy omega next door and realizes Trevor is his fated mate, he knows he’ll need to overcome his fears if he’s going to claim his man. When Trevor is attacked, his inner alpha emerges and Jason will do anything to keep his mate safe.
As the pair get closer and their lives and families entwine – and expand – will Jason and Trevor ever learn to trust? Or will they let old fears win?

5. Silver Daddy – He’s got the hots for his best friend’s dad …
Kiefer has been crushing on Greer since he was a teenager, never imagining anything could happen between them. Then one night changes everything. Now the older alpha is all he can think about and things between them are heating up. But Kiefer’s best friend, Jaxon, doesn’t want to see his father hurt, and Kiefer will need to stand strong if he’s going to keep his place at his mate’s side.
Greer has lost it all before, can he risk his heart again?
A lifetime ago, Greer lost his wife and young child. Since then, he’s sealed off his heart, unwilling to let it be torn out a second time. But when he scents that Kiefer is his fated mate, Greer knows there’s no fighting the bond between them. A second chance at love is more than Greer ever dreamed of, but a second chance at fatherhood has all of his protective instincts screaming to shield his mate and their unborn child from harm.
Greer’s zealous protection and Jaxon’s resentment might be too much for Kiefer to handle. He loves his mate and the life they could have together, but he refuses to be the reason the pack is torn apart. Can he and Greer find a way to navigate both the complicated pack and family dynamics, or is their fated bond already doomed to break?

6. Rescue Daddy – This former SEAL will see his mission through, no matter how painful …
When Nash’s best friend, Jesse, is killed on deployment, it’s his responsibility to return his dog tags to his older brother. As an alpha, he’s having a hard time grappling with his failure to save his friend – someone who counted on him. At first, Jahiah doesn’t seem anything like his brother; the omega is struggling to raise his son alone and is practically hanging by a thread. Still, there’s a core of steel to the man that Nash can’t resist. It feels wrong to fall so fast when they’re both grieving, but when Jahiah’s in his arms, it couldn’t be more right.
He needs to do it all on his own …
Jahiah’s too busy to dream about an alpha soldier sweeping him off his feet. Between his job and his delinquent son he can’t afford lose focus. But there’s something about Nash that makes him want more. No alpha could fall for a harried omega with a kid born to cause trouble, but Nash seems determined to prove him wrong.
How can Nash protect his newfound mate from the hardships of the world when the man won’t ask for help? Nash and Jahiah will need to confront their entrenched issues if they’re ever going to survive as a family, but will a fated bond be enough to hold them together or will invisible wounds destroy the foundations of the new life they’re trying to build?

7. Protective Daddy – He can’t see past his own scars …
After he was left for dead in a wildfire, Ian can’t help his monstrous appearance. No one could love him with his beastly features, not even his own family. Add in the fact that he’s an omega raising a daughter on his own and he’s destined to remain single for good. But when Steve looks at him, there’s a different kind of heat in his eyes, one Ian wants to reach for, if he can guarantee he won’t get burned again.
He’s not strong enough for a mate of his own …
Detective Steve Daniels may be an alpha, but he’s not nearly as strong as the other members of his pack. He’ll never be alpha enough to claim a mate of his own. But Ian’s scent drives him crazy, and spending time holed up with the man and his daughter makes Steve wonder if he might be just the mate Ian needs to heal and grow.
The wolves can’t make it work as long as Ian stubbornly refuses to perceive his own worth. Steve sees the man, not the scars, and he’ll do anything to prove that his mate is worthy of love. He’ll have to find inner strength of his own to claim his omega and protect their growing family, and this time Steve will be worthy enough to love everything he holds dear.

8. Detective Daddy – I’m not looking for a mate, but then Rick walks into my life …
Work hard. Play hard. Never fall in love. I’ve never needed anything else, no matter what the other members of my pack think. But when a sweet omega brings his daughter to my self-defense studio, suddenly I’m thinking of turning over a new leaf.
Rick’s scent calls to me like nothing before and I need him in my bed. My wolf is determined to have him, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make him mine. The headstrong detective can take care of himself, but now it’s my job to keep him safe.
But Rick has been hurt before and when his doubts about my past threaten our future, I’ll need to find a way to make him see that he is more than enough for me. Can I convince my mate that we’re meant to be? Or will our new family crumble before I can claim him as my own?

9. Broken Daddy – He’s carrying another man’s child … but I can’t keep away from him …
I thought I found my forever, and then he left me for his fated mate. I don’t need another broken heart, but when Troy crosses my path I might not have a choice. He’s carrying another man’s baby, but his scent tells me he’s my destiny.
The lithe omega is sweet and happy, but I can see the cracks inside of him that need to be healed. He wants to be loved, and if I open myself up we could have something special, something meant to be.
But what if I’m not enough for Troy? If I can’t let go of my past, I’ll never be the mate that Troy deserves. But if I lose him, I don’t know if my heart will recover.

10. Mason’s Regret – He didn’t want me then … can I risk my heart now?
Twelve years ago, I thought Mason could be the one, but he wasn’t ready to be tied down, especially not to an omega like me. And when my brother’s sudden death left me raising his little girl, I had to forget all about the man who refused to be there for me. I never expected to see him again, and I couldn’t dream that I’d be his mate. Mason wants to try again, but this time it’s my turn to reject him.
But the adult Mason is a hundred times more considerate than the guy I knew in college, and even though I should protect my heart, I can’t help but start to open up again. Maybe it really is time for a second chance.
Even if we are ready to give it a shot, a lot of things have happened in the past twelve years. And when our relationship is tested, those years might be too much to overcome…

11. Anniston’s Fate – I’ll claim my mate, even if he’s on another man’s arm …
When fate lands a punch, she hits hard. I wasn’t looking for my fated mate, but when I saw Danny on a date with one of my pack mates, I knew he had to be mine. The omega is perfect for me, from his enchanting looks to our shared passion for starting a nutrition business. But something is holding him back, and it’s not just the awkward way we met.
Danny is brilliant and caring, but I can tell he’s been hurt before. Taking it slow with him isn’t easy, but it’s all worth it to see him smile. Everything is perfect … until my own petty jealousy triggers Danny’s insecurities.
I need to find a way to fix the relationship I’ve broken, or the budding dreams I have of making a life with my mate in Timberwood Cove will disappear. For good.

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11. Anniston’s Fate


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