Timber Valley Wolf Pack Series by Taylor Rylan (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Timber Valley Wolf Pack Series by Taylor Rylan (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Timber Valley Wolf Pack Series by Taylor Rylan (1-5)
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Overview: Author and reader of gay (m/m) romance and insanely busy multitasker. United States.
Genre: Fiction > Romance MM


1. Forest’s Hope – Timber Valley’s Alpha never expected to find his fated mate. Forest didn’t even know if he wanted one because a mate would only complicate things and he was certain he’d disappoint any mate ever given him anyway. There were certain things about him that nobody in his pack knew and he was happy keeping it that way. Wasn’t he? Then why did he long for what his neighbors in the den have? He was happy being the fire chief, right?
Aspen unexpectedly fled from the only home he’d ever known, only to be thrust into a world much bigger than he knew existed. Until he left Kodiak Island with his childhood friend and his mate, he never knew warlocks existed. Not only that, but most of the members of his new den were mated to other species, something that he didn’t realize could happen.
A trip to the wolf pack with his new best friend alters Aspen’s future when he finds his mate. But is Forest happy to have found him? The hunky alpha certainly does things to Aspen’s body, but why doesn’t he seem eager to claim him? Is it because he’s not a wolf?
Will these two ever figure things out? Forest knows after scenting his mate that he wants him, more than anything. But is Aspen willing to do things a little differently?

2. Sterling’s Treasure – Sterling grew up knowing exactly who he was. He is from an ancient line and as such, he knew what was expected of him and how that would impact his future and that of his fated mate. But there were those that wanted what he had, and they’d stop at nothing to get it.
Wren is the only male omega in his family and he’s always wanted a mate and pups, but his biggest fear is being paired with an alpha that doesn’t understand there’s more to him than the pups he can provide.
Leave it to the fates to know exactly who to pair together. When Sterling scents his mate, though surprised, he’s thrilled with who the fates have gifted him. But will Sterling’s differences keep them apart? Can Wren accept his alpha’s claim even if it means losing everything he’s ever known?

3. Alistair’s One – Alistair is almost five centuries old and although he’s had a good life, it’s always been lacking something important. His One. Like a shifter’s mate, a warlock’s One is the most important person in their life, and they’d do absolutely anything for them, including sacrificing their own self for the needs of their perfect match.
River’s life changed drastically after his mother died when he was a teenager. Given away to an alpha that wasn’t his mate,
River spent years locked up and abused until one day he somehow managed to escape. A chance meeting with another alpha would change his life and cement his future.
Alistair and River have to figure out the dynamics of their claiming while trying to thwart the looming threat from those after the ones from ancient lines. Will they come out the victors or do the fates have other plans?

4. Tucker’s Trouble – Tucker had been many things in his long life, but never what he and his wolf wanted most—mate and father. When a group of refugees shows up at the nearby den seeking sanctuary from a deranged alpha, Tucker never expected to scent his mate. His hopes are quickly doused when he discovers his mate isn’t yet of age and shows no signs of even knowing he exists. So he does what he’s done for over a century. He waits.
Flynn lived a happy yet sheltered life until suddenly it’s turned upside down and they’re forced to flee from their home. In a trek that takes over a year, Flynn realizes that there’s a whole new world outside of the small town he grew up in.
He’d always been told to trust his fox, but his inquisitive nature has gotten him and his brother into trouble on multiple occasions. Will it now, when the pull to Timber Valley is so strong?

5. Jude’s Whisper – What do you do when you meet your fated mate too soon?
Jude believes that fate was what brought him to Timber Valley over a decade ago. And although it’s taken twelve years for him to scent his mate, he wonders if there was a mistake since his mate doesn’t seem to notice him. When he discovers the young fox isn’t yet of mating age, he goes back to waiting. Again.
Finn’s life was ideal—and then it wasn’t. Suddenly he and his parents, along with his twin brother, are forced from their home, running for their lives. When they finally arrive at a safe haven a year later, he learns not only more about himself, but his family and others as well.
Just as things get comfortable, Finn’s fox is suddenly drawn to Timber Valley, and he follows his instincts. When the gorgeous alpha with the mesmerizing eyes and enchanting smile calls him mate, Finn wonders if fate got things wrong.

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5. Jude’s Whisper


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