Thrall Prince Series by Caroline Gibson (.ePUB)

Thrall Prince Series by Caroline Gibson (.ePUB)

Thrall Prince Series by Caroline Gibson (1-3)
Requirements: epub reader, 800 kb
Overview: Caroline Gibson is an author writing contemporary fantasy/gay romance books.
Genre: Romance MM


1. Prince for Sale – Sold into slavery, saved by love
Vell once was a powerful sorcerer and a prince of Otharn. With his father and brother at his side, worlds fell at his feet. Now, he is a slave, cast out by his father, sold, used and abused. His rebellious brother’s desperate attempt to save him is his only hope for freedom, but first, he must go to Earth in chains.
David Thomen, scientist, inventor, defender of Earth, is living a lonely life with his inventions. Responsible for opening the gateway from Earth to Otharn, he must come to terms with his role as Vell’s newest owner and navigate the powerful forces of the joined worlds, who all seem to have an interest in Vell’s fate.
Joined by a magical binding which forces them into an intimate relationship against both their wills, can Vell and David learn to trust each other, find a way to break their bonds, and preserve the alliance of the worlds?

2. The Prince’s Fate – David Thomen thought he had everything he wanted with his alien lover, Vell of Otharn. Vell reveals that he is pregnant, and David is shocked but overjoyed. David is desperate to enjoy their happily-ever-after, but fate has other plans.
Vell fears their happiness exists on borrowed time. The ghosts of his past won’t stay buried, and when their defenses are down David and Vell are snatched from Earth. They must face the King and Queen of Otharn, who are convinced that Vell is still a slave, that David is his master, and that Vell’s unborn child is a curse on the joined worlds.
Stalked by a power-hungry witch, haunted by Vell’s past, with the future of their child foretold to be one of destruction and chaos. David must navigate this alien world, forge new alliances and somehow make an impossible choice.
Will he force Vell to give up their child, or will he be forced to give up Vell himself?

3. The Arcane Heart – Prince Lonn swore he’d never buy a slave. That was before he met Llias.
Lonn carries a heavy burden; it is his destiny to inherit the powerful throne of Otharn and rule over the joined worlds. Suffocated by his overbearing parents and exhausted by the cold-blooded plots that surround him, Lonn escapes his troubles on a mercy-mission to the far-flung world of Tornatt. Fate has other plans for him, however: at a filthy slave-market Lonn finds a man his heart cannot leave behind, no matter what the price.
Llias of Fryst has no care for fate, destiny, or the desires of arrogant princes. Kidnapped from his home planet by a malevolent witch, Llias refuses to be a pawn in anyone’s game, even someone as handsome as Lonn. Llias has plans of his own, and none of them involve being Lonn’s grateful, obedient, companion.
Trapped together on Tornatt, Lonn and Llias are forced to wrestle with fate, destiny, and the manipulative plots that surround the Otharnian throne. When the witch finally shows her face, Lonn must make a choice; betray his family and risk the safety of the joined worlds, or lose Llias forever.

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