Thicker than Blood series by Olivia Leighton (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Thicker than Blood series by Olivia Leighton (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Thicker than Blood series by Olivia Leighton (Books 1~3)
Requirements: .ePUB, MOBI reader, 773 KB
Overview: Ex-monitor tech, former graphic designer and lover of all things food and drink, Olivia Leighton writes paranormal romances which usually contain:
1) Normal, every day women getting thrown into a world they never could have imagined.
2) Impossibly good-looking, alpha male heroes of the fanged, furry or rich variety. (Sometimes all of the above!)
3) Witty banter among family, friends and lovers.
She is a huge fan of cliff-hangers and happily-ever-afters… with the occasional dark parts thrown in.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Thicker than Blood: Thick and Curvy nurse, Kenna Miller, had an average life and average job… until the mysterious and handsome new Cardiologist, Dr. Alex Amante, starts seeing patients at the hospital. Kenna’s life suddenly takes an exciting and frightening turn after one shocking yet passionate kiss with Alex. Why was her friend warning her against Dr. Amante? Why did it seem supernatural elements were at play? What was Kenna really getting herself into?

Fallen from Grace: Kenna thought the week couldn’t get any stranger… but it does. After a unforgettably passionate night with Matt, she finds him gone the next morning… his clothes and wallet still on the floor… as if he had vanished into thin air. While confusion swirls about Matt, Kenna accepts a date with the mysterious Dr. Amante. Will he give her the answers she needs or add to her growing list of questions?

Truth in Legends: After blacking-out, Kenna awakes and learns the dark and tragic truth behind Dr. Alex Amante. Was it possible that his cursed existence spawned ancient myths and legends?
When Matt returns in a very unexpected way, he reveals that Kenna’s blood was drawing Alex to her beyond reason… could she be tied to his gruesome past?

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