The Way To A Man’s Heart Series by Frankie Love (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Way To A Man’s Heart Series by Frankie Love (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Way To A Man’s Heart Series by Frankie Love (1-9)
Requirements: epub reader, 2.6 mb
Overview: Frankie Love writes sexy stories about bad boys and mountain men. A mom by day, Frankie Love is the alter-ego of a suburban housewife—because it’s boring doing dishes and laundry. Nobody fantasizes about scrubbing toilets—but getting down and dirty is something Frankie believes every woman dreams about.
Genre: Romance


1. Pizza My Heart – When I walk into Sugar and Slice Pizzeria, I don’t expect to leave so damn hungry.
But the moment I lock eyes with Mirabella, I’m craving so much more.
Her curves, her cute-ass smile, and the dark curls in her hair… she’s everything.
She may be taking my order but I’m ready to tell her exactly what to do.
I don’t want her behind that counter — I want her in my bed.
Now and forever.

2. MUFFIN COMPARES TO YOU – I order a blueberry muffin to go … but when I see Jessa, the baker behind the counter, I don’t want to go anywhere.
I want to stay. Forever.
But this red-headed bombshell is a tough cookie to crack.
She has walls up to protect herself but I know I’m the man to make this cookie crumble.
It’s time to convince her that I can be this Muffin’s man.

3. YOU GUAC MY WORLD – When I show up at the local pub for Tacos and Trivia, I finally meet my match.
Kourtney is smart, sassy, and simply put: sexy as hell.
But she doesn’t see it.
She covers her curves in bulky clothes, but I’m determined to get under this bookworm’s skin.
We may be here for trivia night — but it’s her I want to know.
Two rounds of margaritas later, it’s clear — this taco night changes everything.
Kourtney doesn’t just make me hard — she guacs my world.

4. DON’T GO BACON MY HEART – I’m a cop, so when I see a damsel in distress, I jump into action.
But the crook isn’t who I want to handcuff…
It’s Valerie, the sweetheart I just saved.
I’m ready to tie her up and make her mine.
Problem is she’s my little sister’s best friend…and she thinks I’m just the nice guy.
But I want to be her guy. Now and forever.
When I take her to the local diner to talk some sense into her, I order eggs and hashbrowns, praying I won’t get a side of her bacon my heart.

5. MADE PHO YOU – The moment I see Trista at a local restaurant, slurping noodles, adding extra Sriracha to her soup, and speaking her mind without a filter, I know she’s the one pho me.
She’s curvy, courageous and cute as a button.
One lunch and I’m crazy pho her.
I’ve dedicated my life to getting a position at the University.
But it’s my first day on the job and I’m already screwed.
Trista — the girl I’ve fallen for — is my student.
This job is once-in-a-lifetime, but no one can have it all.
And I want to love her pho-ever.

6. YOU’RE WAFFLE-Y CUTE – Bailey says waffles are her favorite.
So when I ask her to Prom, I make sure she knows just how waffle-y cute I think she is.
But she’s more than adorable — she’s everything.
Most people think Bailey’s shy — but I know it’s more than that.
The girl I love is hiding the truth.
And when she goes MIA the night of the dance, I’m scared she might be in serious trouble.
I’m done being cute — I’m ready to fight for my girl.
Even if it means losing everything else.
Truth is, I love Bailey a waffle lot.

7. ONE IN A MELON – I’ve know her forever.
Georgina’s sassy, sexy, and stubborn as hell.
She’s also my best-friend’s little sister.
And she’s in serious trouble.
What was supposed to be a great business opportunity is really a pyramid scheme and she’s in way over her head.
But the melon dollar question is, will this strong-willed woman let me help?

8. HEY SWEET TEA – I’m back home with an NFL career as busted as my knee.
My plans were dashed with one injury, but the moment I see Myra I think she might be my cure.
She’s a Southern girl who knows how to cook and I’ve got a hankering for some comfort food.
This sweet-tea is just what the doctor ordered.

9. MY BUTTER HALF – I’ve spent my life in the stuffy corporate world. So when I see Lucia delivering milk and butter from a local farm, she’s the breath of fresh air I crave.
But this darling farm girl is wholesome in ways I’m not.
And I want to do more than butter her biscuit. I want all of her. Forever.
I may be twenty years older than this sweet thing, but I say butter late than never.
want to make her my butter half. Now.

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