The Vampyren Invaders Bundle by Seth Eden (.ePUB)

The Vampyren Invaders Bundle by Seth Eden (.ePUB)

The Vampyren Invaders Bundle: A Dark Vampire Romance by Seth Eden (Books #1-5)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 623 kB
Overview: Seth Eden is an ex self-development junkie with a passion for writing PNR novels and is the author of the Vampyren Invader series. He is a traveling nomad who loves dry squid, spa treatments, and Netflix Originals.
Genre: Fiction > Romance Paranormal


Book 1 -Taken by the Vampyren
He was a conqueror. A warrior come to Earth to kill. On his own planet he was a prince. On Earth he was a murderer. On Earth, he was her owner. But Cassi’s no passive, frightened girl. She stands up to him the first time she ever sees him. She’s going to stand up to the Vampyren every time. Even if it kills her. But neither of them is quite what they seem. Maybe, what fate has sown together shouldn’t be torn apart.

Book 2 – Bought by the Vampyren
When the Vampyren came to Earth in the summer, they took over every city, every country. Every person. She was working as an escort in Sin City – Las Vegas, paid to look pretty and sometimes to act as a lover. Not what Mindy had ever expected for herself. Alek was a unit commander, a Vampyren, a conqueror, one of the invaders bringing Sin City to its knees. Exactly what he expected to be doing. But life can change on a dime. Mindy became a warrior, ready to fight for everything that mattered to her. The sworn enemies of the Vampyren were on their way and Alek also expected fight. But never did he expect what awaited him when he met her… Will the two find a way to leave their past behind and their passion loose? Or will the need for revenge be stronger than the needs of the heart?

Book 3 – Property of the Vampyren Prince
She remade herself in the wake of the alien invasion. Kiera could work on cars and plumbing and scavenge for food. She didn’t know how to survive the attention of a Vampyren prince, one of Earth’s invaders. He was 17th in line for the Vampyren throne. Just enough privilege to ask the Council to give her to him and to keep her family alive. Not enough to save her from brutal punishment when her actions threaten Vampyren interests. Their different worlds make them opposites of each other. Opposites attract.

Book 4 – Chosen by a Rogue Vampyren
I found him after an evil Vampyren prince tried to violate me. I escaped Drake… only to find myself into more trouble. Then I was handed over to Mark. Another rogue Vampyren, but much gentler. He’s the one who branded my neck. Impregnated me. It hurts to be separated from him… literally. I have to be by his side. Mark would do anything to protect me and his unborn child. Even if he has to fight Drake. Our lives are on the line in this battle between good and evil. How will it all end?

Book 5 – United Against the Vampyren
It’s dangerous to be in love with him. But there’s nothing that could tear us apart. Not even the Vampyren military government. There’s no place for emotions and childbearing in this new reality. Kal is my destiny. He will not only be the father of my child. But we’ll also fight together. Become leaders of the new movement. This is much bigger than either of us. Our love is dependent on this victory. Can we defeat the evil forces and become a family?

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