The Vampire Gift Series by E.M. Knight (.ePUB)

The Vampire Gift Series by E.M. Knight (.ePUB)

The Vampire Gift Series by E.M. Knight (10, 12-13)
Requirements: epub reader, 882 kb 221 KB
Overview: Paranormal romance author.
Genre: Romance


10. Crypts of Dawn – The sun has appeared inside The Haven – how?
Eleira and the Forsaken Sisters must do everything they can to ready the coven for the coming attack.
Meanwhile, James has leapt into a portal leading to the Demon Realm, searching for his abducted lover…
Raul has left the coven, abandoning his people, the whispers of a seductress poisoning his ear.
A new, ancient vampire has been resurrected, and his coming will change everything for James. The Black Sorceress’s deal with James is about to come to fruition, and the showdown between the two of them threatens to change the power balance of the entire world…

12. Realms of Reverence – The war has begun.
Logan’s army has reached the wards. Demons are attacking Eleira’s last defense.
The Haven vampires are trapped inside the stronghold, awaiting the start of the Final Battle.
When the army breaks through… all hell will be unleashed.

13. Spirits of Twilight – Logan and his army are inside The Haven.
So are all the Soren brothers. They’ve been called back by fate.
The pieces are set. The war has begun.
Who will emerge victorious?

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10, 12-13

13. Spirits of Twilight


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