The Vada Wars Series by Zara Zenia, Eden Ember (.ePUB)+

The Vada Wars Series by Zara Zenia, Eden Ember (.ePUB)+

The Vada Wars Series by Zara Zenia, Eden Ember (2-3)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 641 KB
Overview:Zara has lived all over the United States, ranging from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York City. She has loved meeting new people and looking at the stars while trying to get away from the bright city lights.
Genre: Romance


2. Claimed By The Alien Warrior Kedun – When paired with Terran agent Aryn Hillee on a critical mission, Hjott warrior Kedun faces the undeniable fact he’s desperately attracted to the female Terran and deeply desires to claim what’s fatefully his.
Qetesh Agent Aryn comes to the Vada System to help Jatra maintain their newly found peace. The last thing on her mind is romance especially with the brute Hjott warriors. When Premier Vorta asks her to head a mission with the warrior, she’s hesitant. However, bound to the Qetesh, she does as the Premier asks and finds herself on a spaceship alongside Kedun heading to a rumored uprising. She finds out quickly he has more intentions for her than she expected, he wants to claim her as his mate.
Though Kedun tries to resist the nature of his urges, he follows through with the mission trying to keep things professional between him and the very beautiful agent. The unrest on Dathee means they are heading into danger on the rock prison planet. He struggles with his sense of duty to Jatra and his newly burst feelings for Aryn.
Can Kedun and Aryn figure out what happened at the breached prison before the rebels discover their arrival or will the danger overtake them before he rightfully claims her as his mate?

3. Claimed By The Alien Warrior Oszul – When the hot-headed Hjott warrior Oszul Xard is sent on a mission to find the mission Rigel spaceship, he and Qetesh agent Treasure Humphrey butt heads. Oszul soon realizes he has more than professional feelings for the beautiful Terran and finds the mission at risk because of his urges to claim her as his fated mate.
Qetesh Agent Treasure works with Premier Vorta on Jatra when he sends her off on the mission with the sexy Hjott warrior. She happily accepts the mission glad for an adventure while being paired with the hot Hjott. Treasure and Oszul butt heads as he tries to put her in her place as inferior. She doesn’t take it very well when she realizes Oszul is patronizing her. She plans to go her own way once they land on Prorr.
Oszul handles the situation as a brute and causes strife with Treasure. He’s bound to his commission as a Hjott warrior and his growing feelings for her. They find themselves in grave danger when Treasure disappears. He must come to terms with his duty to Jatra and his increasing feelings for Treasure.
Can Oszul finish the mission and help protect Jatra while he fights for his blossoming feelings towards Treasure and fight the urge to claim her as his mate?

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2. Claimed By The Alien Warrior Kedun

3. Claimed By The Alien Warrior Oszul


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