The Untamable Greeks series by Maya Blake (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

The Untamable Greeks series by Maya Blake (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

The Untamable Greeks series by Maya Blake (#1-#3)
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Overview: MAYA BLAKE fell in love with the world of the alpha male and the strong, aspirational heroine when she borrowed her sister’s Harlequin® book at age thirteen. Shortly thereafter the dream to plot a happy ending for her own characters was born. Writing for Harlequin is a dream come true. Maya lives in South East England with her husband and two kids. Reading is an absolute passion, but when she isn’t lost in a book, she likes to swim, cycle, travel and tweet!
Genre: Fiction> Romance


1. What the Greek’s Money Can’t Buy
Oil magnate Sakis Pantelides always gets what he wants—after all, he’s drop-dead gorgeous, powerful and wealthy beyond words. But the one thing he can’t have is his stunning assistant, Brianna Moneypenny—because she’s the only woman this cynical Greek can trust.
But when an international crisis throws them together 24/7, intriguingly buttoned-up Brianna reveals a sensual hunger that rivals his own, and he realizes just what he’s been denying himself for so long. But when his perfect PA’s secret is discovered, will he pay the price for taking what he wants?

2. What the Greek Can’t Resist
CEO Arion Pantelides is always in control—but for one night he gave in to oblivion with a stunning stranger. Yet his passion is quickly matched by fury when Arion—prizing honesty above all else—discovers the woman who came undone in his arms has only recently been widowed….
Perla Lowell’s marriage was a painful sham, so now—penniless and alone—she refuses to let this dark-hearted Greek intimidate her. But when Arion offers Perla a chance to prove herself, she’ll show him she has nothing to hide! Until she discovers she’s pregnant with his child…

3. What The Greek Wants Most
Theo came to Brazil with one desire—to destroy the man who once ruined his life. And when the proud Greek sets eyes on his enemy’s stunning daughter, he knows victory will taste even sweeter with her in his bed!
Inez longs to escape her father’s shadow and follow her own dreams—not be blackmailed into becoming someone’s mistress! But it’s a thin line between love and hate, and soon Theo unlocks a desire virginal Inez never could have anticipated.
Now Theo and Inez will have to reconsider what it is they both want most of all…

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