The Size Anthology by K. T. Morrison (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

The Size Anthology by K. T. Morrison (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

The Size Anthology by K. T. Morrison
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Overview: KT Morrison writes stories about women who cheat and loving relationships that go too far—couples who open a mysterious door, then struggle to get it closed as trouble pushes through the threshold.

This anthology collects six books all sharing a similar theme of curiosity …
Genre: Fiction > Erotic > Cuckold > Hotwife > Menage



Going A Little Too Far

Troy’s a former Division One college wrestler. A walking water park at two-sixty-five, with shoulders no woman could get her arms around and a set of abs you could scrub laundry on.
Emma’s a sweet little Georgia Peach. Pretty as can be in her proper dresses; she’s a good girl from a good family that raised her right.
You couldn’t tell by looking at them that they were two straight-up freaks that loved to push each other’s kinky buttons.
A summer housewarming party on a scorching hot West Texas day puts a gift in their lap. A big, larger-than-life playtoy for Emma to tease her husband with. He wants her to. She wants to do it. But once it starts, where do you stop? What’s going too far?

Size Curious Brat

Matt Walsh is on his way home from Harvard. It’s Thanksgiving recess and he hasn’t been with his sweet Chloe Rose in months. He can’t wait to get off the bus and wrap his arms around his baby girl.
Chloe loves her boyfriend Matt and she’s been aching for him.
But there’s a problem.
Moric came home early. He’s a bully. A domineering man’s man who made Matt’s life miserable growing up. Now he’s a sexy deep-sea welder just getting home from Louisiana after two months at sea and he hasn’t even seen a woman in ages.
After a brief, naked encounter in the hallway Chloe can’t get something out of her mind. Moric is built much better than other men and she can’t stop thinking about it.
Now Moric’s got his eyes on Matt’s prize possession. She’s not exactly unwilling. Moric is a big powerful stud and Matt is powerless to stop him. Moric could take whatever he wants. It might be better—if Moric would let him—to just join in …

Measured Next To Her Ex

When Ben Watson went to the new Sexual Performance Clinic across from his office he was just looking to get some help.
But when he showed up on Opening Day the place was so overwhelmed they started doubling up in exam rooms to make sure all the patients were assessed.
Of all the gin joints in all the—
Guess who his exam partner is? Yeah, his honey-pie’s ex-boyfriend.
He could leave, get the hell out of there. That would be sensible. But he’s kind of curious. A dark part of him wants to know something …
He’s going to wish he left.
Then, when his exam mate starts to relate to the nurses the casual but very dirty hook-ups he’s been having with an ex, Ben’s hands really start sweating.
This is going to be the worst day of Ben’s life.

Plus these bonus first in series’ books …

Date Night (Losing His Wife)

A gorgeous mom is convinced by her husband to seek sexual gratification without him. She comes home from her date and talks him step-by-painful-step through her evening while she repays the favour.

Cherry Blossoms (Losing His Wife 2)

After Nia returns from a fun night out with her friends, Geoff faces some uncomfortable truths about his wife. He finds them arousing even when sense should dictate that he didn’t. He tries to come to grips with it as a new chapter in his romance with this girl of his dreams emerges. She’s getting a sense of the things that turn her husband on and she’s not shying away …

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