The Rossi Family series by Julia Talbot (.ePUB)

The Rossi Family series by Julia Talbot (.ePUB)

The Rossi Family series by Julia Talbot (Books 1 ~ 4)
Requirements: ePUB reader 2.3 MB
Overview: Julia Talbot lives in the great Southwest, where there is hot and cold running rodeo, cowboys, and everything from meat and potatoes to the best Tex-Mex
Genre: Mystery Romance MM


Mysterious Ways #1: What begins as a purely academic study of a bland medieval portrait soon turns Father Jacob Ellory’s life upside down. The young priest soon becomes enmeshed in the affairs and intrigues of the Rossi family, finding himself caught up in a gilded world of art, mystery, and sin. Soon Jacob is in over his head, unable to tell who is a friend or an enemy, and terrified that he is losing his mind. From the machinations of the Catholic church, to the seductive power of a beautiful set of twins, join Jacob on his exploration of a whole new world, where he learns there is much more to life than serving God. (Graphic sex. Incest and religious themes.)

The Peacock and the Firebird #2: When Anthony leaves his home and his desk job in America to pursue his dream job as a maskmaker in Venice, he has no idea that he-ll be hired by one of the best in the old city. Soon, though, he has his own shop, and his first big customer, Santino Rossi.
Wealthy and powerful Santino is used to getting what he wants, and he wants masks for his upcoming midsummer night ball. He wants Anthony, too, and starts a cat and mouse game of pursuit. The game becomes dangerous and disturbing when echoes from the past begin to haunt both Anthony and Santino. Is their love real, or just a figment of a long ago crime?

Masque #3: When Massimo Rossi meets Piero at a renaissance Florentine masked ball, he finds instant attraction, and instant trouble. Piero is not all he seems, hiding secrets from Massimo even as he loves him. Family intrigue abounds, from cousins who lurk in the shadows to protect their kin to mistresses who dally with thier maids. With poisonings, swordfights, and love hot enough to set even a renaissance palazzo on fire, Masque is a can’t miss, exciting ride.

The Lion and the Sea #4: The Rossi family has a long history of mystery and intrigue. Alessio Rossi likes to collect the family records, but when he finds an account of a mysterious death in Renaissance Venice, he takes more than just a passing interest.
Together with his brother and his cousins, he researches his ancestor’s demise, and finds that someone else worked to solve the same mystery, all those years ago. The characters of Mysterious Ways and The Peacock and the Firebird return in this sprawling mystery!

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