The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series by Jo Grafford (.ePUB)

The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series by Jo Grafford (.ePUB)

The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series by Jo Grafford (53, 70, 75)
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Overview: Award-winning, sweet and clean romance stories by Jo Grafford. Western historical romance, Colonial American historical romance, contemporary billionaire romance, lawman romance.
Genre: Romance


53. An Agent for Bernadette – Poor little rich girl Bernadette Chambers is weary of being told what to do. All her life, she’s been instructed how to dress, how to act, and who she is allowed to befriend. However, she draws the line at being told she has to marry a man she’s never met, even if refusing to marry him means being cut off from her family’s wealth.
Realizing she’ll need a job to support herself in her bid for independence, she decides to become a Pinkerton Agent, only to discover she’ll be required to marry a fellow agent (at least in name only) before receiving her first case. After a restless night of soul-searching, she chooses a life of adventure, fighting crime instead of returning home and admitting defeat.
Park Harrington is a shipping tycoon by day and an agent by night, which leaves him little time for courting. When the oldest daughter of his family’s greatest competitor refuses to form an alliance by marrying him, he despairs of ever finding a suitable woman to lead to the altar. When he finds out the name of the Lady Pinkertons’ newest recruit is none other than the spoiled, indulged debutante who refused his previous marriage proposal, he decides to get revenge. He personally requests to be matched to her!

70. An Agent for Lorelai – Lorelai Woods believes she’s engaged to the perfect man and living the perfect life, until she discovers he is part of a cattle rustling gang. In a desperate bid to regain control of her family’s ranch that the gang has commandeered, she signs on as a Pinkerton Agent, only to discover she’ll be required to marry a fellow agent (at least temporarily) before being allowed to launch an investigation into the case.
Pressed into the hard life of sailing on a pirate ship, John Langston quickly grows bored with his new vocation as a farmer once he is freed. A happenstance glance at an advert for Pinkerton Agents has him jumping at the opportunity to juggle adventure and danger once again. He doesn’t count on falling in love with the woman he’s sent to protect, and he hates the fact that his undercover assignment requires him to keep so many secrets from her.
To make matters worse, he receives orders to marry a new female agent…and discovers the ravishing Lorelai Woods has been keeping a few secrets of her own!

75. An Agent for Jolene – During her upbringing at the orphanage, Jolene Lilygate made a childhood pact to come to the aid of her two best friends, no questions asked — for life. So when Lorelai Woods urgently summons her to Texas, she packs a bag and boards the next train. She soon finds herself serving as a detective-in-training with a seasoned Pinkerton agent requesting her hand in marriage, but only for the duration of their current investigation.
Agent Edgar Barella jumps at the chance to sink his teeth into helping track down a dangerous cattle rustling gang. He’s never been able to resist a challenge, though being ordered to marry the stunning Jolene was never part of his plan. Insisting their marriage will be in name only, he does everything he can to prove he is not husband material so she doesn’t become too attached to him during the case. He never expected his growing feelings for her to become such a complication!

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53, 70, 75

75. An Agent for Jolene


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