The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series by Ginny Sterling (.ePUB)

The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series by Ginny Sterling (.ePUB)

The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series by Ginny Sterling (36, 43, 60, 74)
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Overview:Ginny Sterling is an avid romance writer. She lives to tell sweet, inspirational, tender tales that tug at the heart-strings.
Genre: Romance


36. An Agent for Clementine – Clementine Fenton was betrothed for years to a man she’d never met, pushing off the nuptials for as long as possible. When her family goes behind her back and she discovers that her marriage is impending – she makes a break for it! Running away to join the Pinkerton Agency, she’d longed for a life of adventure and independence.
Jericho Buchannan knew this day was coming and dreaded it with every fiber in his being – he was going to be shackled into a loveless marriage with a woman he’d never seen before. He was at the precipice of his new career as an agent, something his father couldn’t understand. Jericho knew his duty was to take over the family business, but yearned for a last hurrah before settling down.

43. An Agent for Gillian – Two wrongs don’t make a right – or do they?
Gillian Jameson had lost her world when her husband died. Alone, scared, and desperate for something to fill the emptiness in her soul- she turns to the Pinkerton Agency for help. What she never expected was to be married again, especially to a man like Cade Malone.
Cade had a recklessness to him that was born of sheer desperation. His wife and child were gone. He was running from memories that haunted him with every breath and nightmares that plagued him each night. What he needed was a reason to go on- and it certainly wasn’t in the form of a new partner.
Can two broken souls form a bond between them? Will seeing another person who is struggling to deal with the trauma in their lives be just the thing to help old wounds heal – or would falling for each other simply create another emotional scar that is just too great to bear?

60. An Agent for Fallon – Til’ death do us part…
Fallon Byrne was positive that her fiancé had used every excuse in the book to keep from marrying her. Biding her time patiently, she discovers that the Denver office will hire women as Pinkerton Agents – effectively cornering the man she’s loved for years into becoming her partner and her spouse!
Rourke accepted a job offer of becoming a Pinkerton in the Chicago office while on the run from a looming threat back home. When his headstrong fiancée announced her intention of joining the ranks – he realizes that her destination could split them in two unless he agrees to head for Denver, working for Archibald Gordon.
Can their love endure with demands that becoming an agent entails, or will upholding the law split them apart?

74. An Agent for Meghan – Meghan Chambers is spoiled and she knows it. Growing up, she had everything you could ever ask for except affection. The close bond she has with her sister Bernadette is essential to her happiness, but when her sister is ordered to marry a stranger – a new adventure together sounds like just the thing to keep the duo in cahoots! There’s nothing quite so exciting, daring, or carefree as tracking down a villain – until she meets Jack Gaines.
Jack takes one look at the pampered princess that he is being saddled with and laughs in sheer disbelief. There’s no way he’s going to willingly agree to be married to a hoity-toity-rich-girl like Meghan. He is tough, lethal, and was hired to track down a killer – not bungle a pretend marriage with a partner who looks like a prima donna.
When Meghan proves to be more than just the frills and lace on her dress, can she earn Jack’s respect and trust when they need it most? Can Jack let down his guard to see that sometimes it’s okay to show a little tenderness and compassion towards his wife, the newest Pinkerton Agent.

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36, 43, 60

74. An Agent for Meghan


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