The Phoenix Files Series by Morgan Kelley (.ePUB)

The Phoenix Files Series by Morgan Kelley (.ePUB)

The Phoenix Files Series by Morgan Kelley (3-5)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.1mB
Overview: Morgan Kelley lives in the beautiful Pocono Mountains with her husband and two children. After attending college at Penn State University and studying Criminal Justice, Morgan knew here only true passion in life would be murder and books. She put them both together and began her career as a writer. Other than books and writing, you can find Morgan hanging out in her garden and digging in the dirt. Everyone thinks she’s planting, but she’s actually searching for places to bury the bodies.
Genre: Erotic Romance


3. Oracle Saving – When Oracle gets the call in the static, it’s time to get down to business. This time, it’s one of their own.
Jagger is a broken mess, and he’s barely holding on. He’s lost his will to survive. With each passing day, he’s slipping further into the darkness. The team knows that with time, they’ll lose him for good.
Then they get the call.
Avalon has been listening to the voices, planning the perfect moment to get involved. She’s been biding her time. Not only is she about to go head to head with a powerful psychic, but she’s about to do battle for Jagger’s life.
Only, the odds are against her, and she knows it. Save the man’s heart and lose his life or let the man slowly die of a broken heart and keep him alive?
It’s one hell of a conundrum for Oracle.
Jagger needs Roxanne Faust back in his life.
He needs a reason to live.
He needs his family, and they need him.
As they chase a killer, who wants to end Roxy’s life, Jagger is going to have to step up and take one for the team. This case might be the end of the road.
Times up, and Jagger knows the truth. He is a dead man walking.
For one last moment with the woman he loves, he’d risk it all—including his life.
With the roll of the dice, he places it all on Avalon and hopes for the best. This time, Oracle will be doing the saving.

4. Oracle Haunting – They’ve left the United States to hide from a government hell bent on taking Oracle back to do their dirty work. It won’t be a vacation. It never is when this much is at stake.
Meanwhile, Oracle is searching the static for their next case. She already knows what’s coming, and with this one, they have the opportunity to change fate—for the better.
Enter Laird Maguire. He’s a sexy detective for the Irish Garda, out for truth and justice, Only, he has a secret side that he’s not even aware exists—until he runs into his fate.
He thinks being a cop is his calling.
Boy is he wrong.
Brianna Collins is psychic, American, and Oracle needs her help. With Laird and Brianna, they have a chance to take down a non-psychic killer who’s been running amuck in Ireland for way too long.
Centuries, in fact.
With the team together, they are racing the clock. Brianna is going to die unless they can find the killer, beat the odds, and fight the ghosts that haunt Ireland’s lush land.
This case will be a challenge as they not only battle fate, but the ghosts of what once lurked in the shadows of Ireland’s haunted past.
And in the end, justice may be served…
Or will the team pay the price?

5. Oracle Hunting – The hunt is on.
Jagger Armstrong has been searching for his wife and child for a full year. He’s torn the entire United States apart with the exception of one place.
It’s the one place he can’t safely invade in his own private war.
His father’s past.
Michael O’Banion made many enemies when he betrayed the mob, and now, it looks like Jagger’s wife and child are hidden among them.
He has no choice but to go in.
It will likely mean his death, but what choice does he have?
Avalon is days from giving birth, and she knows with what has happened in the last year, she has to help Jagger hold on for as long as possible.
Fate has a plan.
Only, she knows Jagger won’t be receptive to it.
It means life, death, and learning that the end of the line…really isn’t the end of the line.
Working her magic and playing in the static are the only ways to save the people she loves.
In the end, it will come down to trust.
Them trusting her.
Her trusting fate.
When all hell breaks loose behind enemy lines, all you have in life are family, friends, and fate.
Now, Jagger and Maura will have to put it all on the line, broken, battered, and damaged as they infiltrate Boston to find those they lost.
Roxy’s life hangs in the balance.
Dianna, his daughter’s, too.
In the end, nothing will be what it seems when a family brought together to save lives has to say goodbye to save their own.
Is it the end?
Or is this really just the beginning?
Only time will tell as Oracle is Hunting.

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