The Never Series by B C Morgan (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Never Series by B C Morgan (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Never Series by B C Morgan (1, 3-4)
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Overview: I am a mum to 2 wonderful kids, who make me feel so lucky everyday. The series that I will be publishing first is the first series I would have written since becoming a mum.
Genre: Romance


1. You Never Knew Me – When I was little my whole world revolved around my older brother and his childhood friends, they protected me, kept me safe from harm and no one would dare look twice in my direction. They were my guardians, and then I lost them all.
I’m now seventeen and I’m desperate to know why I had to lose them, why my world was flipped upside down and my family destroyed. Only it isn’t only the past I have to uncover, I also have to handle a new school and an uncertain future. I’ve made it my mission to stay alone, never let anyone get close enough to affect me, break me or leave me. Unfortunately, some people don’t care about my mission and I soon find myself with more people than I can handle and three guys that make my blood boil and my heart beat faster than it ever has before. Maybe letting them in won’t turn around and bite me, but with new friends, vicious bullies and an unknown presence my carefully constructed plan could all fall apart. I have a secret that I’m not ready to share, but someone already knows and they plan to let everyone know what kind of person I really am.

3. You’ll Never Have Me – Enemies for life, isn’t that what we said? I didn’t think I would see Harrison again once Padstow threw us out into the cruel world. I didn’t leave with blinders on, I knew I was set to face a greater danger than teenage bullies but I never could have guessed just how bad it would get.
My father has abandoned me for a life in America, my guys are no longer mine and I can’t even cling to the girls I call friends. It isn’t safe for them to be around me and as my breaks get cut and Mr. Terrifying makes it clear that he isn’t going anywhere, all I can do is run. I just never imagined I would be running with Harrison by my side. We may never be friends but clearly we need one another and maybe, together we may just make it out of this alive. It’s my fault he’s now in the firing line but I can’t turn back the clock, all I can do is keep pushing forward and try to make sure he doesn’t fall victim to the guy who always seems to be five steps ahead.

4. You’ll Never Lose Me – Life hasn’t been easy, even that feels like an understatement. I’ve been through hell and done everything I could to make it to the other side. I can’t see a way out this time, Dante finally got what he wanted… Me. Despite everything though, I won’t roll over and die, I’m a fighter and I’ll keep I fighting until I draw my last breath.
I fell for Harrison and I’m starting to realise that isn’t as surprising as it first seemed, I’ve reconnected with Noah and I don’t think I can let him go for a second time. Not that I ever truly let him go to begin with. But it doesn’t matter now, I’m not the same girl I used to be. I thought I was ruined before but now I’m destroyed. I’m not sure I will ever feel normal or safe again, even trust seems to be a thing of a past. All I can do now is listen to my head and my heart and hope that as the final hour approaches, I don’t put what little trust I have left in the wrong person.

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1, 3-4

4. You’ll Never Lose Me


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