The Nephilim Series by A.P. Foote (.ePUB)

The Nephilim Series by A.P. Foote (.ePUB)

The Nephilim Series by A.P. Foote (1-2)
Requirements: epub reader, 235 kb
Overview: Sex, drugs, violence it was everything I craved, the club gave me a reason to live after my dad was murdered. But I got out, and now eight months later I’m being dragged back in, not kicking and screaming as I should, but welcoming it.
Genre: Erotic


1. Revelations– Imagine a world where everyone lives in peace. Supernaturals aren’t real and the only thing you have to fear are humans. Got that? Okay. Now, forget all of it, because that’s not my world.
Moving from Plant City, Florida to Seattle, Washington was supposed to be my do-over. No reminders of the pain and no supernaturals. But I was very, very wrong. The angels disappeared long ago–so we thought–but vampires, demons, warlocks, shifters…you name it, they’re all over the place. They control this town and everything in it. Four of them even claim I am their destined mate. The worst part? The demon, Azazel, wants me. And not in the best way.
I’ve just discovered I’m Lucifer’s daughter as well as the most powerful Nephilim on the planet. But that doesn’t stop Azazel. He wants my soul and will do anything to have it.
With the help of my mates and a few unexpected friends I’ve picked up along the way, we will eliminate the threat while making a statement to anyone else who tries to disrupt order on this plane or any other. Easy, right?
Warning. Revelations is a dark reverse harem series. Contains adult language, sexual content, graphic violence, including death, and deals with sensitive issues such as unwanted physical contact and PTSD. Reader discretion advised.

2. Legion – Everything’s changed. I destroyed hell and in doing so disrupted the worlds order.
The titans are out, promising to destroy the world, manipulating anyone they can into taking sides, to join their Legion.
I’m supposed to be this powerful being, and I couldn’t even stop Azazel from taking away everything I cared about. How am I supposed to take out the most powerful, manipulative beings there ever were if I can’t even save myself or those who trusted me?
Time is running out, people are running out. I have to be who I’m supposed to be, no matter the price. Even if that price is destroying what’s left of my humanity. This very well could be my end. I’m the daughter of Lucifer, the heir to the throne, the most powerful being to walk the planet. No one will be able to stop what’s to come. Except me.
And I will not lose.

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1. Revelations

2. Legion


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