The Men of Whiskey Mountain Series by Frankie Love (.ePUB)

The Men of Whiskey Mountain Series by Frankie Love (.ePUB)

The Men of Whiskey Mountain Series by Frankie Love (1-3)
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Overview:Frankie Love writes sexy stories about bad boys and mountain men. A mom by day, Frankie Love is the alter-ego of a suburban housewife—because it’s boring doing dishes and laundry. Nobody fantasizes about scrubbing toilets—but getting down and dirty is something Frankie believes every woman dreams about.
Genre: Romance


1. Walker – I came to the Whiskey Mountains to outrun my past, but now it’s knocking on my cabin door.
One look, one kiss, one night — and I know Waverly is mine.
But this innocent woman is linked to my family in a way that will break her.
I can’t let her go. Not yet.
And the trouble I’m dodging is hell-bent on finding us both.
When it does, Waverly will know the truth.
I’m the brother of the drug lord who killed her sister.
My family is coming … and it’s up to me to save the woman I love.

2. JAMESON – I’ve been on Whiskey Mountain for years, refusing to live off my family’s fortune.
I can take care of myself like a real ass man by flying sea planes, delivering illegal cargo, and keeping my profile low.
Then Jemma knocks on my door.
And my world changes.
Everyone thinks she’s dead.
But by the way she moves … Hell, she is very much alive.
And she needs a man who can protect her, a man she can trust.
She thinks I’m a good guy.
I better become one before it’s too late.

3. BEAM – The moment I saw her, I knew. She’d be mine someday.
Of course the feeling wasn’t mutual.
She was all sunshine and optimism … I was burly, broken, and hell-bent on keeping my word.
Don’t touch the girls. No matter how tempting.
And damn, how Julia tempted me.
It’s been a year since I saw her, and things are different now, the trouble we faced in L.A. is behind us. Isn’t it?
When I hear that she’s up in Alaska, same as me, I know this is my chance.
I’ve done lots of terrible things in my life — but I have only one regret.
I never told her how I truly feel.
I love her. And it’s high time she knew.
Even if I have to kidnap her in order to make that happen.
I may represent everything she’s running from, but I can be more than a ghost from the past.
I can be her future.

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