The Magic Mirror Series by Lovey Lloyd (.ePUB)

The Magic Mirror Series by Lovey Lloyd (.ePUB)

The Magic Mirror Series by Lovey Lloyd (0-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 1.4 mb
Overview: Lovey Lloyd is the pen name of a USA Today Best Selling Author who wanted to write sexy paranormal books with witches, aliens, angels, and shapeshifters. This is her escapism genre for when she’s tired of writing cowboys. Though there might be a cowboy vampire riding into town soon.
Genre: Romance


0. Cauldron Academy – Where Witchcraft is Taught for the Betterment of Mankind
At a supernatural place of learning where young, white magic witches are taught how to use their powers for good, five best friends struggle through their last year of college while trying to accept what they think Fate has planned for them in the real world.
Except there is one small problem. A hundred-year curse is up for renewal. Only the strongest, bravest, smartest witches could survive the evilness sent to take them out. These five graduating ladies are Earth’s hope for salvation. Has Cauldron Academy prepared the blossoming ladies for the trials they are about to face which include life and death stakes?
Come on the journey of good versus evil to discover how five young lady witches balance life and love in the normal world while battling the forces that want to destroy all they care for.

1. Curses & Magic– Time Is Running Out
Daisy Le Deux must mate with her true love in the next few weeks, only there is no one she finds appealing. After graduating from Cauldron Academy, she has been given the task of saving the world. But how and what from? She’s afraid the clock is ticking for her and the planet.
An alien, Misna Krazolz, from Tilnora, comes to earth searching for a witch from the Le Deux coven. He hopes her powers will be strong enough to break a sleeping spell and save his kingdom. Time is his enemy and he’s having a hard time convincing the delightful Daisy to return with him.
Will her magic break the spell that holds his kingdom hostage?

2. Revenge of Magic – Two People Wronged—Each Seeking Justice
Petunia Le Deux, wants revenge. Revenge against the man who killed her mother and sister. A man she trusted who destroyed her happy family. Her mating season is upon her, but she doesn’t have time to find her forever love, even when he’s standing right in front of her. The headmistresses at Cauldron Academy warn her of a bigger mission in her future, but she isn’t interested in saving the planet, only in seeking revenge.
Framed for a heinous crime, Kragmin is trying to return to his planet to prove his innocence, when his space pod crashes to earth. When circumstances force him to blow up his ship, he faces a permanent life in a foreign world, until evil finds him.
Can they help each other obtain their goals while denying their attraction to one another?

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