The Love of Low Valley Series by Elliee Atkinson (.ePUB)

The Love of Low Valley Series by Elliee Atkinson (.ePUB)

The Love of Low Valley Series by Elliee Atkinson (2-3, 5-7)
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Overview:Elliee Atkinson is the author of mail order brides stories and her alternate name is Rosie Attwood. Using Elliee Atkinson as her new pen-name, she spins out American historical western romance stories for readers that appreciate the romance that happened in the Old Wild West.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


2. Brave Barber Seeks His Missing Seamstress – The wrong girl, in the wrong place at the wrong time…will she have to pay for crimes she never committed?
Carrie Mason has just recently learned that the man she’s loved longer than he knew actually feels the same way toward her. However, she already regrets her decision to hide her feelings out of worry that the feelings would ruin their lifelong friendship. Now that she knows he feels the same way, the future is open and wonderful, full of happy possibilities.
That is, until she is kidnapped and held hostage. Her once-exciting prospects now feel far away, just dim reminders of the love she so fiercely desired. She must find a way to escape, or hope that someone finds her in time.
Desperate Situation
For Anthony Sharp, Tony to his friends and family, life consists of the barber shop and his father, and treasured friendships in Low Valley. Once he realizes that the girl he’s been friends with since childhood could actually be the love of his life, he has a big decision to make. He can tell her how he feels, risking the friendship he holds so dear, or he can hide his feelings until he knows how she feels.
When he discovers that she may feel the same as him, there’s no stopping the happiness that builds within Tony. That is shattered when she is kidnapped by unknown assailants, but it’s up to him to find out if a local thug named Matt Doogan is behind the plot. Without her, Tony has no future, so there is no option not to find her.Love Finds A Way…Right?
With no good clues as to who is holding his love hostage, no rescue attempts mounted, the future looks grim for the pretty seamstress and the handsome barber. It’s up to fate whether their love will have a chance to blossom, but the cruelty of her captors has only just begun…
Will Carrie find a way to escape the clutches of the madmen—or will she be forced to pay for the misdeeds of another person?
Can Tony find Carrie before it’s too late—or will he be forced to lose his best friend and the love of his life at the same time?

3. Secretive Nurse For The Quick-Tempered Rancher – A hidden secret, a brave man with a quick temper, and an uncaring alcoholic who won’t take no for an answer…
Kay Canterville moved to Low Valley with a secret. One she kept hidden for four years. Since coming to Low Valley, Kay had led a quiet life and kept to herself when not working as a nurse for the local medical clinic. Until Logan Mason walked in with his hand pierced through. She had quietly harbored feelings for him for several months, and when he asks her on a date during treatment, she can’t say no. Even though she knows her secrets will prevent a deeper relationship with him.
Things are going well between Kay and Logan. That is, until Kurt Caldwell comes to town. Kay’s husband was killed while robbing a bank with Kurt, and Kurt has held a grudge against Kay since, believing that it was her fault the raid went badly for the gang. Kurt forces Kay to care for his wounded men, by holding his knowledge of her secret over her, and threatening both her life and the lives of those she cares about the most.
A Brash Decision
Logan Mason has lived in Low Valley his entire life. He has a beautiful ranch he works with his sister, brother-in-law, and younger brother. While working on the ranch, he injures his hand and must go for treatment, where he meets Kay and his life drastically changes. Logan realizes that Kay is in serious trouble when he follows her to a ranch, where Kurt has taken her unwillingly. He decides to keep her safe, his own way.
When Logan admits to Kay that he followed her to keep her safe, Kay is upset by it and breaks off the relationship, rather then trusting him with her secret. However, that does not prevent Logan from coming to her aid when she is again taken by Kurt unwillingly to his hideout to treat his men.
A Secret Revealed
When Kay finally decides to trust Logan with her secret while in the midst of a battle with Kurt, it allows her to open her heart to Logan fully. When Logan’s reaction to her secret is completely different then what she expected, Kay begins to believe that her life can truly be happy again and she can finally have what she desires. A home, love, and family.
Will Kay be finally free from her past – or will it continue to haunt her life and cause her to flee from Low Valley once and for all?

5. A Lonely Widow And Her Courageous Barber – A shy widow with three sons, a kind and friendly barber, and a ruthless man set on treachery….
Sherrie Perkey just lost her husband suddenly in a tragic shooting. Due to his hefty debts, she and her boys must leave their home. Thankfully, though, her in-laws have given her the deed to a new home, but the only drawback is that it’s in a different place and they must move to it. Deciding on a whim to go exploring their new town, Sherrie and her boys meet Carrie Mason and are introduced to Bill. Due to her recent widowhood, Sherrie is surprised by the intensity of her attraction to him and does her best to hide it. That is, until tragedy strikes her again.
Just as she is beginning to explore her love for Bill, her oldest son suddenly disappears. Searching for him daily for almost a week takes a toll on Sherrie, both physically and mentally, and leaves her other two sons without her. At her breaking point, she turns to the one person she feels most comfortable with, and has been secretly harboring feelings for as well.
A loving man
Bill Sharp lost his wife almost twenty years ago and has raised both of his sons alone. He has been happy in his life and has not felt an attraction towards another woman since his wife passed. Until he meets the newest resident in Low Valley. Due to her recent widowhood, Bill decides to take the friendship slowly until he knows if she is open to a deeper relationship.
When her son seems to have disappeared without a trace, Bill does everything in his power to not only find the boy but also to bring comfort to Sherrie. Watching her tirelessly searching for her son day after day, he finds he can no longer sit and watch her slowly sink into the grief that threatens their newly found attraction. With a blessing from his own sons and one of hers, Bill decides he cannot wait any longer to make her his own forever once her oldest son is found alive and returned home, along with a surprise.
Comfort in love
Now that Bill and Sherrie have chosen not to hide from their feelings for each other, Bill is able to provide more loving comfort to Sherrie in her time of total desperation. However, when her son returns with a wild tale, Bill must call into question his trustworthiness and risk her newfound love. Life – and love – will not be easy for two people with a second chance at love with danger and adventure around every corner.
Can Sherrie open her heart to love so soon after losing her husband? Or will tragedy strike and send her deeper into her grief?
Will Bill be able to convince her of the sincerity of his love – or will the disappearance of her son cost him her love forever?

6. Mail Order Detective And Her Brave Foreman – An observant young woman with a knack for solving mysteries, an energetic ranch foreman with a plan, and an angry man out for revenge…
Diana Clark has spent the last five years caring for her ailing father, after spending the previous years of her life since her mother’s death following him around as he solved crimes and learning from him. After his death, her only other relative, her mother’s sister, shows Diana an intriguing ad in the newspaper for a mail order bride that seems perfect for her. With nothing else holding them in New York, Diana hopefully responds to the ad. Along with her aunt, she embarks on an adventure to Low Valley to begin a new chapter in her life.
With little time to get to know each other, Diana must find who murdered the previous foreman and continues to sabotage the Mason ranch while Chuck does his job as well as keeps her safe. When a lead is finally found, she must put herself in harms way in order to solve the case. When trouble comes to call, she chooses to trust the man she has come to love.
A brave man
Chuck Smith has spent the last several years working his way through the state of Texas while searching for a wife. However, when he does not find success, he returns to Low Valley and places an ad for a mail order bride. After seeing an ad in the newspaper, and learning the reason behind the job opening, Chuck becomes the foreman for the Mason Ranch and awaits his bride.
After the murder of the previous well-loved foreman, and the subsequent harassment of himself and brutal attack on another ranch hand, Chuck and the Masons enlist the expertise of Diana the day she arrives. When she must go undercover to find the culprit, he must keep her safe from a distance. That is, until a fierce gun battle begins and he must rescue her from the angry mastermind behind all of the attacks. After questioning the remaining outlaws, and determining she is not in pain, Chuck decides to waste no more time before making her his forever.
Trust in love
Making a bold decision, Diana does whatever it takes to be able to spend time with Chuck, before it’s too late. However, when trouble comes to call, both of them must each decide on their own to trust the love of the other, no matter what physical appearances look like. Life – and love – will not be easy for two complete strangers with a deadly mystery to solve and unknown dangers seemingly around every corner.
Can Diana use her skills to solve crimes before more people are hurt – or killed? Will the crime spree prevent her from finding the love she desires?

7. Lonely Bride Saved By Her Brave Sheriff – A strong woman, a brave sheriff and an unsolved mystery…
Suzanne Austin is a strong woman. She has had to be. When her father – a drunk and dissolute man – disappeared when she was fifteen, she was left to fend for herself in the small town of Low Valley. Because she has an iron determination, Suzanne managed to survive and even prosper with the help of her neighbors and a job working at the inn in Low Valley. But life has a great deal more in store for Suzanne.
A man who fights for what he believes in…
When Josh Perkins moved to Low Valley, he was looking for a new life, and a chance to defend the weak and innocent – a calling he believes in. As sheriff in Low Valley, he is just and kind. He is also lonely, until he runs into the beautiful Suzanne Austin. A strong and strangely shy woman, Suzanne captures his imagination like no other woman has before. But it seems that she is in danger, and soon Josh and Suzanne are both swept away by a mystery that started many years before this moment.
A mystery that touches their lives…
A robbery that happened many years before Josh was sheriff is still a source of many unanswered questions, and, when Suzanne is the center of a series of mysterious attacks, Josh finds himself having to dig through the past and unravel a mystery that is so much more involved than just a simple theft. But can Josh and Suzanne triumph over the odds set against them? Or are the mysteries in Low Valley simply too much for any two people to face?
Will Josh and Suzanne find happiness together, despite the hidden crimes that resurface?
Or are there just too many hidden secrets in Low Valley to ever let them find rest and contentment?

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2-3, 5-7

7. Lonely Bride Saved By Her Brave Sheriff


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