The Love Act by Zara Bell (.ePUB)

The Love Act by Zara Bell (.ePUB)

The Love Act by Zara Bell
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Overview: The camera-man creeps closer, and my loving boyfriend pulls me into his chest. “Keep your tongue in your mouth, or you’re fired,” he mutters, bending to kiss me.

I never wanted to be famous. I’m perfectly happy working backstage at a late-night chat show, safely hidden off-camera. But when a paparazzo snaps a misleading photo of me and a bratty celebrity guest, my life is ruined overnight.

Suddenly, the whole world is convinced I’m having a torrid affair with the snarly, stuck-up cinema star Jack Hale. And thousands of people hate me. Excellent.

To make things even weirder, now Jack is demanding that I pretend to be his fake girlfriend for two months, in exchange for a cool half a million. It’s an offer I can’t refuse, literally, for financial reasons.

Two months of swanning around on a sexy actor’s arm sounds like a good deal, but Jack isn’t going to make it easy. We don’t get on. At all. He’s cold, bad-tempered, rude to his fans, and convinced that I’m secretly in love with him.

Being stunningly hot and disgustingly famous doesn’t make up for being a prick.

But my behaviourally-challenged fake boyfriend is the least of my worries. Getting thrust into the public eye has made me a target. I can’t leave the house without being followed and harassed. Paparazzi are going through my rubbish and enraged fans are sending me death threats.

If I’m getting out of this alive, Jack and I are going to have to work together to play them all.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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