The Lost Arena Series by Lia Nox (.ePUB)

The Lost Arena Series by Lia Nox (.ePUB)

The Lost Arena Series by Lia Nox (1-4)
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Overview: The lost arena is what happens when I watch far too much anime, read far too many science journals, and start wondering what-if….
Genre: Erotic


1. Shared by the Alien Hybrids – Arrested. Thrown through a wormhole in a janky pod. Crashed on an alien planet.
Not my best day.
Rescued by three smouldering hot men with broad chests and a strange, almost feline grace?
Looking better.
And they all look like they want to eat me up, in the very best way?
Yes, please.
No shared language?
That’s a bit of a problem.
But as they defend me from the horrors of this strange new world, I wonder about the ruins I see around me.
What happened here? Where are they taking me?
And when they pull me into their arms at night, why can’t I resist their heated touches?
This is a substantially revised and expanded edition.

2. Chosen by the Alien Hybrids – When a girl is stranded on an alien planet, I guess rules are made to be broken.
Rule one. Survival above all.
The only time I broke that rule, I was betrayed.
Now I’ve crashed on an alien planet, putting my scavenging skills to the ultimate test.
Rule two. Trust no one.
Except a breathtaking trio of tall, broad horned aliens has saved me. Yup. Horns. And thats not even the breathtaking part.
They’ve protected me from the dangers of this world, and the fears trapped in my own mind.
Given me their trust.
Rule three. Let no one in.
But with every heated touch, with every moment of danger survived, they’ve worked their way deep into me.
Not just across my body.
Much further in.
Now the only rules are the ones we make for ourselves.
But will that be enough to keep us together against the mysteries of this planet?

3. Tested by the Alien Hybrids – I’m not prepared…. not for this world.
Not to be on my own.
And certainly not for three wolfish men who demand shattering responses from my body.
And who make me love every moment of it.
My entire life has been sheltered.
Now that I’m stranded on an alien world, can I find the strength to protect myself, and the men that are intent on ruthlessly claiming me, body and soul?

4. Prized by the Alien Hybrids – Nothing on earth could hold me down.
Three handsome winged alien warriors? I’ll even find the rope.

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4. Prized by the Alien Hybrids


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