The Lords of Good Hope series by Marilize Roos (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Lords of Good Hope series by Marilize Roos (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Lords of Good Hope (#2-4) by Marilize Roos
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Overview: Marilize is an author of historical romance set in Cape Town, South Africa, but writes short stories inbetween for fun.

She used to comb the libraries and second-hand book sales for out-of-print copies of Afrikaans historical romance novels by authors such as Wille Martin and Ena Murray. She has always had a fascination for Cape Town history and Regency Romance, and thought to introduce the rest of the world to Regency-era Cape Town.
Genre: Fiction > Romance Historical


Darien (#2)
The Cape of Good Hope, 1820…
When Darien Forbes left England behind for the Cape of Good Hope, he’d hoped to leave behind the heartache and betrayal as well. His brother could keep his Marquisate and Darien’s fiancée both – Darien would devote his life to hedonism on the other end of the world, and never entrust his heart to a beautiful woman again.
Mariana de Ruyter was a capable young woman. Hard-working. Sensible. Of sturdy Dutch peasant stock, but she gave up on dreams of a handsome young man sweeping her off her feet, when her beautiful sisters were around for comparison.
When Darien meets Mariana in the light of day, he thinks she’d be the perfect wife – one no-one else would want.
How was he to know that under his care and attention, she’d bloom and become a beauty other men would covet?

Quinn (#3)
The Cape of Good Hope, 1822
By decree of her father, the Duke of Claremont, Delia Bassett was betrothed to a monster.
Desperate to escape marriage to a man whose previous wives had, according to the whispers of the ton, all died under suspicious circumstances, she devises a desperate plan: surely, if she were ruined socially, she’d be released from this betrothal contract.
Claremont is furious. To save face socially and politically, there is only one thing he can do: Marry his daughter to a man of unimpeachable character. If that is not possible, banishing her to the other end of the world would have to suffice.
Quinton Levin, Viscount Redding, fled England at sixteen years old with nothing but his twin sister and the clothes on their backs to escape their tyrant of a father, and stowed away on a ship bound for the Netherlands. Fourteen years later, Quinn is a respected physician at the Cape of Good Hope, with an impeccable reputation and a high standing in society.
Still adjusting to married life, Quinn discovers a friend and patient fighting for her life. Keeping her secret could ruin his marriage and his relationship with his best friend, and when Claremont discovers another threat to his political plans and the future of the Dukedom, his machinations threaten Quinn’s medical practice.
If they are to succeed, they must stand united, but can Quinn and Delia resist pressure from a man as powerful as a duke?

Paul (#4)
The Cape of Good Hope, 1821…
Apparently, one did not have to attend one’s wedding to get leg-shackled.
In a moment of weakness, tired of relentless pressure, Este de Ruyter signed the document presented to her by the Duke of Claremont, binding her in marriage to his heir, the father of her baby, and now the duke wants to spirit her away to England, never to see her family again.
Paul Bassett made a mistake. In trying to force Este to remember the passion they’d once shared, he now faced transportation to New South Wales. When the duke pressures him into signing the marriage certificate, the threat is clear: Sign it, or Paul could be made to just… disappear.
When Paul escapes the notorious Robben Eiland prison, and breaks into the duke’s home to retrieve the wedding certificate, he is interrupted by his new wife, and they find a united purpose: secure Paul’s freedom, reunite Este with her family, and evade the machinations of the duke.

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