The Long Con by Lexxi James (.ePUB)

The Long Con by Lexxi James (.ePUB)

The Long Con by Lexxi James
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 300 kB
Overview: Trust me. Some men are made for the con.
He’s hot. Charming. Sexy.
And don’t forget wealthy. He can have any woman he wants.
Except one.
Most women look at him like a sugar daddy. Or a baby daddy.
But the way she looked at him was different. Like he wasn’t worth her time.
Well, she just became worth his.
She’s smart. Sassy. Slated to be the next CEO.
Her head is on business. Her curves beg to be touched.
And there’s only one way in.

He’ll change his looks. Drastically. Recruit an ally from deep within her world.
Chip away at every one of her defenses. Put a plan into motion that there’s no turning back from.
Dedicate millions to one endgame . . . to pull the ultimate con.
Genre: Romance, Suspense


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