The Lofthouse series by B.B. Hamel (.ePUB)+

The Lofthouse series by B.B. Hamel (.ePUB)+

The Lofthouse series by B.B. Hamel (#1-2, 6-7)
Requirements: .ePUB/AZW3 Reader, 2 MB | 648 kB
Overview: I write steamy stories that will make you squirm. As an Indie author, your support means everything. Thank you so much for reading!
Genre: Romance


Possessive Doctor (#1): I’ll fix her… then keep her.
It starts with healing her body. That sweet skin, that gorgeous smile. She’s my latest physical therapy patient, and I don’t mind stretching her out one bit.
But something’s off with her injury. It doesn’t match her story. When I find out the truth, I know I need to make sure nothing ever hurts her again.
That’s when I make her all mine. Every single inch of her, mine.
But her rich a-hole father isn’t about to let her go. He thinks he can use her as a pawn in his business dealings.
I’m not about to let her get taken advantage of again. She’s mine now, and I don’t let anyone touch what I own.
I don’t care about right or wrong. I only care about her.

Possessive Boss (#2): I’ll take her. Keep her. Never let her go.
Make her feel every inch of my greed for her.
Even if it costs my business and my best friend.
When sweet Valerie walks into my office, I know she’s getting the job.
Plump lips, wide doe eyes, gorgeous auburn hair, she’s the kind of woman I notice.
The kind of woman a man could devoted himself to.
First though, she needs to give herself to me, every inch, without any hesitations or reservations.
Though things are never so simple. When I realize she’s investigating my partner for laundering mob money, I almost throw her out on the street.
Except the way she so willingly gets down on her knees makes me need to keep her.
I’ll help her investigation. I’ll find out if my partner’s working with organized crime.
But only if she lets me take her, every inch of her, whenever I need it.
I’ll possess her. And I’ll help her. And when it’s all finished, I’m keeping her.

Possessive Fake Husband (#6): I’m about to marry my rival’s daughter just to get what I want.
Except she’s all I really need.
When I agree to marry Maggie Fyall, I don’t expect her to be drop dead gorgeous and sharp as a tack. I’m only taking her to make sure this business deal goes through.
But as soon as I kiss Maggie up on that altar, I know I’m not letting her go.
Her father owns a competing internet firm, and we want to merge our companies. But a bitter rivalry has left my board hating everything about this deal, and they’ll never agree to it without some persuasion.
Which is why I need to make Maggie mine. Together, we’ll convince my board that a merger is the only way forward.
And in the process, I’ll convince Maggie that every inch of her was meant for my pleasure.
She’s my little plaything. My perfect wife. And I’m going to possess her before this little fake marriage is through.

That’s right, another possessive romance! You might’ve noticed Maggie made her debut in the previous book, and now it’s time for her story. Possessive Fake Husband is a steamy romance with a little excitement, a little drama, and plenty of emotion. As always, there is no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed. Enjoy! XO BB

Possessive Coach (#7): She’s the perfect risk.
I first meet gorgeous Chloe when she’s getting harassed by a roided-up a-hole with more muscles than brains. I knock him out and make sure she gets home safe.
Turns out, that sweatstain excuse of a man is my star quarterback.
Now he’s out for a little revenge, and he’s using Chloe against me.
I’m not about to let her get hurt. She’s a beautiful little thing with long legs and a big heart. I can’t help myself when she’s around, and a little taste turns into a lot more.
It doesn’t take me long to realize I want to make Chloe all mine, even if that’s the most dangerous thing I could do.
I won’t back down and I won’t give up until she’s wearing my ring and I’ve possessed every inch of her.

This is the end! The final Lofthouse book! David Fyall, cousin of the main Lofthouse family, gets his story and his love. Good thing he’ll do anything for his girl, because a lot goes wrong… but even more goes right. This is a steamy full length novel with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and an HEA guaranteed. Enjoy it! XO BB

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